California Poised to Extend Eviction Ban — Again

California residents facing eviction as early as next week will receive a temporary postponement under a bill approved Thursday by the state legislature’s Democratic leaders – and most likely by Gov. Nusum.

Pro Senate President Tom Tony Atkins of San Diego and Assembly Chairman Anthony Randon of Lakewood Announce their support To Proposal It will extend eviction protections until June 30 for California residents seeking state funding Rent relief plan at COVID. Atkins and Randon said the bill would be first debated Monday.

  • Under current law, protections for eviction in any state are Set to expire April 1 – Only one day after the March 31 deadline for residents to apply for a state rent reduction.
  • Although the new proposal retains the March 31 application deadline, it protects California residents from eviction. They are waiting for the state to process their paperwork. As of Tuesday, the state has distributed funds to about 214,000 households – Less than half Of the nearly 490,000 who applied for relief – which prompted defense attorneys to warn against it The impending “tsunami evacuation”.
  • A Newsom spokesman told CalMatters housing correspondent Manuela Tobias: “The governor strongly supports an extension that continues to protect tenants even in the summer and ensures that every eligible applicant is protected under the state’s leading rent relief program when it ends.”
  • The bill also prevents local governments from passing their own eviction protections by July 1 at the earliest – a major reason the California Housing Association, which represents homeowners, investors and developers, supports it, According to the AP news agency.

The last-minute offer comes amid a flurry of reports illuminating how Golden State’s cost of living is becoming immeasurably high for a growing number of people.

In light of such statistics, actions like the one taken by Attorney General Rob Bonte on Thursday – Announcement of the city of Encinitas On the revocation of a permit to build apartments with reasonable units – may look like small potatoes.

California Poised to Extend Eviction Ban — Again Source link California Poised to Extend Eviction Ban — Again

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