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The result of the call election was Gavin Newsom 64% and Donald Trump 36%.

Similar results can be expected next year. Donald Trump will be a Democratic opponent in every race in the state, from the Governor to the US Senator to the California State Legislature. As a result, the Democratic Party maintains its exclusive position in all state-wide offices in California and its two states. Control of one-third of both homes in Congress.

This is unhealthy for California, especially for the Democratic Party. The voice of reform within the party is silenced by anti-Trump noise decibels.

Many California Democrats are worried that their children will have to leave the state because they can afford a home or to find a job whose wages can keep up with state taxes and living expenses. ..

Many Democrats are grateful for Proposal 13 not to let taxes on their homes skyrocket and jeopardize their retirement in California.

Many Democrats want public schools to focus on the basics of training children for a quality career, rather than a curriculum that checks for politically correct agendas.

Many Democrats want to be judged by their personality, not their color, when they enter a state university or get a job in a state or local government.

Many Democrats want to fix California roads quickly, efficiently, and permanently, whether by union construction companies or not.

Many Democrats want the money we approve for a water bond to be used to build a reservoir as promised.

Many Democrats see California’s storm budget surplus as being wasted on temporary remittances to favorable groups, instead of replenishing rainy day funding to mitigate the next recession. I am.

Many Democrats do not believe that paying the highest taxes in the country will give them the best value.

Many Democrats care about homeless life in unsanitary conditions along Market Street in San Francisco and the Underpass in Los Angeles. We also care about small businesses and law-abiding citizens who are taken to camps in their daily lives and work.

Many Democrats are worried about crimes watching the streets when a nearby convenience store closes, home safety is a concern, and car alerts begin to sound.

California has been determined by polls over the last two decades to be the most hostile of all 50 states (and even District of Columbia!) By corporate leaders who decide where to expand and hire people. rice field. The Democratic Party cares deeply about it. Without a healthy business environment, there is a shortage of well-paid jobs, unions and non-unions.

All of these concerns will be submerged next year, as they were during the call election.

The formula for a majority victory in California politics is to ignore all these issues, as Donald Trump is such a perfect enemy. Without challenge, the elite who run the Democratic Party recreate the decisions they made that led us to deep dissatisfaction. They are winning, so they have no reason to change.

California needs an alternative to the GOP – San Bernardino Sun Source link California needs an alternative to the GOP – San Bernardino Sun

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