California mom, 37, and son, 14, arrested ‘after he accidentally shot his baby sister in the leg’

A California mother, 37, and her son, 14, were “arrested after he accidentally shot his sister’s foot.” “But the mother ignored it and kept going home.” ..

  • According to police, Veronica Paiatt was charged with child abuse after her 14-year-old son fired a gun in a car and hit the foot of his 20-month-old sister.
  • According to police, Paiatt continued to drive home, and his son dumped it in the trash and fired a gun to unload groceries.
  • Paiat claimed he didn’t know that his daughter had been shot until his son told her.She did not call the police to report the shooting

Veronica Paiatt, 37, from California, was abused after police said her son, 14, shot a gun in a car and hit a 20-month-old half-sister with his foot. I was charged with a crime.

A California The woman was arrested on suspicion of child abuse after police said her 14-year-old son shot her 20-month-old sister with her foot in her mother’s car.

According to the San Bernardino police station, the 37-year-old mother, identified as Veronica Piat, drove home and continued to unload groceries instead of checking her daughter and calling 911.

Paiat, who claimed he was unaware that his baby had been hit by a bullet, was booked with a child in the county on suspicion of serious physical harm and potentially serious child abuse.

Pyatt is on bail for $ 100,000. Her son remains at the San Bernardino County Juvenile Training School.

According to police, the incident began to occur after 4 pm and police responded to the hospital seeking reports of the shooting.

Investigators determined that her 14-year-old son was “manipulating” a gun loaded in the backseat of her car while Piat was driving in the 16th and East Street areas.

The gun fired one shot and attacked the half-parents of a teenage baby in the upper right leg.

“The 14-year-old mother said the gun had disappeared, but proceeded to their residence on North G Street, 2700 blocks, claiming she was unaware that her daughter had been beaten,” police said.

Upon returning home, the 14-year-old boy emerged from the car with his injured sister in his arms and allegedly began throwing guns and other evidence into the trash while the children’s mother was unloading groceries.

“Piat has never tried to remove a gun from a boy or physically examine children,” the statement said. “In addition, Paiatt did not notify the police of the incident.”

Paiat’s son eventually told her that his sister had been shot, and she took her daughter to a regional hospital in San Bernardino, where staff notified police.

The infant was eventually transferred to the Loma Linda University Medical Center with a non-life-threatening injury.

The Department of Child and Family Services has been notified of the incident and is conducting its own investigation.


California mom, 37, and son, 14, arrested ‘after he accidentally shot his baby sister in the leg’ Source link California mom, 37, and son, 14, arrested ‘after he accidentally shot his baby sister in the leg’

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