California mask mandate for schools ends March 11

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Governor Gavin Newsom and state officials said today that the state school closure deadline will end after March 11. Local authorities have the right to make their own demands.

All students and staff, regardless of immunization status, will no longer be required to wear a mask at home in schools and day care centers from 12 March.

The order was issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom and California state health officials on Monday, almost a month after raising the deadline for people to gather at restaurants and other indoor venues.

“I think the mask should be my choice tomorrow, March 1,” said Megan Bacigalupi, an Oakland parent who leads the CA Parents’ Association. “I don’t understand why it’s another two weeks of delay.”

The end of the school curfew comes almost two years after the state began closing schools in several districts in March 2020. Parents and students Across California I am calling for action to be taken soon. Many counties across California have already lifted the ban on face masks.

“It seems politics and (the California Teachers Union) are holding my son back from regular schooling,” said Scott Davison, a San Diego County parent. “It simply came to our notice then. I should be happier, but we are still struggling for months. ”

But yes recent election found that 61% of parents with children who have attended school support the closure order. Lisa Gardiner, a spokeswoman for the California Teachers ‘Union, denied allegations by some parents that teachers’ unions had delayed lifting the curfew.

“The Governor’s Office has engaged in discussions with all school stakeholders in the discussion on creating effective reforms for the management of schools and labor,” Gardiner wrote in a text message on Monday. “Our methods have always been the basis of science. Those who are trying to discredit the scholars now want this to be a matter of politics rather than trust and science. “

CTA President E. Toby Boyd said he supported “Governor Gavin Newsom’s and CDPH officials’ confidence that the reduction of COVID-19 hospitals allows us to see the light at the end of a catastrophic hole.” But Boyd also admits that many students will not feel ready to open a mask at school.

Andrew Noymer, a professor of public health at the University of California, Irvine, says it’s time to lift the ban, especially because the state still does not know what to expect by 12 p.m. March ba.

“I can say that COVID levels are too high right now,” he said. “But I do not support the future of children going to school with masks.”

The state’s decision to ban the wearing of face masks in schools comes just days after the Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention revised the federal guideline on school masks. CDC experts say districts are showing up positive trends in COVID-19 cases the hospital value does not require the need to cover the face in many indoor settings, including schools.

“I think the California system is smarter to manage different schools because students currently have fewer immunizations than the rest of the population,” Noymer said.

In a statement on Monday, state officials said local government areas could have more strict screening requirements than those in the state.

San Diego Unified, the second-largest district in the state, will continue to implement indoor screening, according to school board chairman Richard Barrera.

“The San Diego County is still at high risk, even under the new CDC system,” Barrera said. “When we move to the maximum risk level, we will re-evaluate.”

Districts like Oakland Unified and Los Angeles Unified needed to cover their faces outside even after the state had chosen the option. Los Angeles abolished its mask work last week. Officials from the two districts have not yet answered questions on how to adjust their rules since March 12.

State officials also said on Monday that the term of the mask would be lifted for adults who have not been vaccinated from March 1. Masks will still be needed in the “massive transmission system” such as public transport, emergency shelters, health settings, repair facilities, homeless shelters and long-term care. – time management facilities.

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