California mansion for sale has its own spa, but it’s not for people

Views alone are worth $49 million.

Screen grab from Zillow

In scenic La Jolla, California, homes with some of the most original features are on the market. Popular real estate social media pages are all that.

According to a photo from, 10 bedroom, 14 bathroom mansionListed for a whopping $49 million, the hotel appears to have a room dedicated to the owner’s furry four-legged friend. Yes, the photo shows a dog spa, but it’s not listed.

“Perched atop the Country Club District overlooking a picturesque village and stunningly expansive panoramic ocean views, the iconic Foxhill Estate is home to over 20,000 recently updated and expanded SF Main Homes and multiple It’s the largest contiguous residential area in La Jolla with ancillary structures for 2020,” Listing explains.

“Fully gated, incredibly private, with amazing expansive grounds, gardens, features and ocean views.”

Other features of the 22,897-square-foot megamansion include:

  • marble floor

  • rich decoration

  • chandelier

  • hardwood floor

  • 2nd Floor Primary Suite

  • gated pool

The house was introduced in Zillow Gone WildFacebook pages and Twitter accounts highlighting specific pet areas.

“Luxury pools and theaters are nice to have for a mansion, but does your dream mansion have a dog spa?” the caption asked. “He has one in this nearly 23k square foot La Jolla, CA mansion and it’s amazing.”

And people went crazy.

“It’s a very expensive time capsule,” said one. “Each room is like a set of different sitcoms from the ’60s to his ’80s.”

“This is so flashy, my dog ​​and I love it,” said another.

“These people have a lot of tables,” someone pointed out.

“I’d love to see the rest of the other bedrooms and the dog spa,” one person commented.

“I use the doggie spa, but the rest of the place needs a proper sandblast,” said another.

“The exterior looks like a ’60s country club. The interior is all for me,” someone joked.

not what i wantit is necessary,” one person tweeted.

Dog spa totally worth it price tag,” someone said.

La Jolla is located about 15 miles northwest of San Diego.

This story was originally published January 3, 2023 at 1:03 PM.

TJ Macías is a real-time national sports reporter for McClatchy based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Previously, he covered beats for the Dallas He Mavericks and Texas Rangers in numerous media such as 24/7 Sports and He Mavs Maven (Sports Illustrated). Twitter: @TayloredSiren California mansion for sale has its own spa, but it’s not for people

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