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Sacramento (AP / CBS13) – California State Legislature requires two state agencies to share information on Thursday aimed at stopping billions of dollars in pandemic-related unemployment fraud. I proceeded.

The first committee-clearing action requires the troubled Employment Development Department to collate the unemployment application with the inmate’s records to identify fraudulent claims.

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According to a January state audit, state officials approved at least $ 810 million in the names of about 45,000 prisoners, some of whom are on death row. Investigators say the overall fraudulent loss exceeds at least $ 11 billion.

“The idea that this kind of fraud came about because the two agencies weren’t in touch with each other during the pandemic is actually trying to understand how people can be helped. It’s kind of daunting, “said the six members who proceeded with the bill without objection.

According to audits, as of 2016, at least 35 states were crossmatching unemployment insurance claims against state prisoners, and 28 states were checking claims against county prison inmates.

California law limits inmate information that can be shared with other state agencies, but unemployment agencies are now in agreement with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to allow the two agencies to share more widely. Authorities said it was.

But it was too late, said Democrat Cotti Petrie Norris, who proposed the bill.

She is a frank critic of the sector and is also struggling with the ongoing unprocessed portion to make money for those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. This issue has plagued her fellow Democrat, Governor Gavin Newsom, who is likely to face this year’s recall.

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“This is a simple and common-sense step to address one of the worst examples of departmental failure,” says Petrie-Norris.

Her proposal initially required the county to provide the department with the names and social security numbers of prison inmates, a provision supported by county sheriffs.

However, legislative analysts said it could cause problems for prisoners sentenced to short prison sentences that could be deprived of legal unemployment benefits unless the department was notified shortly after their release. In particular, the provision was opposed by prisoners and welfare rights groups, and she removed it from the law on Thursday.

Measures by Republican Senator Shannon Grove, which has no county prison components, cleared its first committee last month. She said she ignored the warning from the county prosecutor about the possibility of prisoner fraud five years ago. A third bill by Republican Rep. Phillip Chen, including both prisons and prisons, awaits its first hearing.

They are one of a number of efforts by lawmakers from both parties to address the ministry’s issues this year.

Proposals include creating a supervisory advisory board, creating claimant advocates within the department, setting deadlines for processing new claims, removing social security numbers from mailed documents, and directly to the recipient’s bank account. Includes unemployment insurance deposit permits. Parliamentarians can also request departments to adopt the findings of two recent key state audits.

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California Lawmakers Advance Bill Aimed At Stopping Unemployment Fraud – CBS Sacramento Source link California Lawmakers Advance Bill Aimed At Stopping Unemployment Fraud – CBS Sacramento

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