California jobless claims fewest since COVID closures began – Orange County Register

California workers filed the fewest unemployment claims in the week ending June 5, since just before government agencies began ordering widespread outages to fight the coronavirus.

According to the US Department of Labor, the state’s first unemployment claims totaled 53,000 last week, 19,000 less than last week.

Last week’s unemployment application in California was the lowest since the week ended March 7, 2020 (15 months ago).

State and local government officials then launched a full-scale blockade to delay the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the total number of unemployment applications for the first time in the country was 376,000, a decrease of 9,000 from 385,000 unemployment insurance claims filed in the week ending May 29. US billing is adjusted for seasonal fluctuations.

California has only 11.8% of the US workforce, but accounts for 14.4% of all unemployment insurance claims filed in the United States. The numbers were derived using equivalent numbers that were not adjusted for seasonal variation.

Between March and April last year, California lost a record 2.71 million jobs. From May 2020 to April 2021, the state regained 1.3 million of these lost positions.

That figure means California hasn’t regained what it lost in the last two months and is maintaining 1.41 million jobs.

Around the country, nearly 3.5 million people received traditional state unemployment benefits during the week of May 29th. It decreased by 258,000 from 3.8 million in the previous week.

Vaccine deployments have allowed Americans to return to restaurants, bars and shops to feel more comfortable, and business is resuming rapidly. The Ministry of Labor reported on Tuesday that job vacancies reached a record high of 9.3 million in April. Layoffs fell to 1.4 million, the lowest record dating back to 2000. 4 million people quit their jobs in April. This is another record, showing that we are confident enough to try new things.

New jobs in the US economy in May were 559 million, and the unemployment rate fell from 6.1% in April to 5.8%. Many economists expect even faster employment growth. As of February 2020, the United States still lacks 7.6 million jobs.

However, employers are posting vacant seats faster than applicants can fill them. Many Americans are struggling with health and childcare issues associated with COVID-19, and career uncertainty after the coronavirus recession has permanently wiped out many jobs. Some people are spending more time looking for a job because the increased federal unemployment benefits pay more than their previous jobs.

California jobless claims fewest since COVID closures began – Orange County Register Source link California jobless claims fewest since COVID closures began – Orange County Register

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