California has rolled back reopenings in most of the state and is considering a curfew

On Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom announced that he would adopt “emergency braking” in the state’s reopening framework. As a result, 41 of California’s 58 counties, which account for about 94% of California’s population, are currently in the most restrictive purple layer.

Los Angeles has been stuck in the purple layer for months, but some neighbors like Ventura and Orange County have managed to go red.But now all Southern California sits in a purple layer. This means that all counties in the area need to close indoor spaces such as restaurants, cinemas, gyms and museums.

The announcement was made because the number of daily cases of coronavirus across the state has doubled in the last 10 days, the fastest increase ever. As a result, Newsom announced that the resumption framework has been modified to account for such a surge. The county returns to Tier after just one week, not two weeks, and only one week after failing to meet the case or positive rate threshold. Go back to multiple layers — Must be done immediately, not within 3 days. These tier assignments were previously released on Tuesday, but Newsom now states that it will be announced as needed and will also undergo regular mid-week evaluations.

Just last week, only 13 counties across the state were in the purple layer. Also, not all counties have retreated to purple, but a total of 40 counties have returned to at least one layer. It wasn’t clear if he was retreating more counties or the hierarchy restrictions themselves were tightening (last week, California Health and Welfare Director Dr. Mark Garry said such a move. Although he said he wasn’t excluded), he also expects more gradual restrictions to be announced by Friday.

When it comes to what’s under consideration, Newsom has come up with the idea of ​​a curfew. “We are also considering the concept of curfew-full disclosure, a little preview-” he said. Anticipating most people’s reaction to the news, Newsom said the state “evaluates it,” studies from France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and ongoing curfew in Massachusetts and Virginia. I’m investigating.

“All of that is appreciated,” he said. “We mean what it looks like, what it doesn’t look like, who influences it, who doesn’t, and what the actual curfew means for a particular type of industry and business activity. I have a lot of questions about … but we really want the data to be corroborated and the information is not anecdotal. “LA County has a similar idea about curfew. ..by LA TimesThe Public Health Service may submit a recommendation to the Supervisory Board this week, including measures such as imposing a curfew on working hours.

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California has rolled back reopenings in most of the state and is considering a curfew Source link California has rolled back reopenings in most of the state and is considering a curfew

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