California governor, lawmakers near deal on gas tax rebate

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Most taxpayers in California are receiving hundreds of dollars to help end the high cost of firewood and other commodities under a currency exchange discussed by leaders. Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The plan will return a portion of California’s record $ 97 billion in taxpayers – but the money will only go to those who earn below a certain income threshold.

Newsom and lawmakers are discussing the state treasury on Friday, with talks being extended over the weekend. Although both parties have agreed to a plan for rebates, the overall numbers could change when other parts of the fund are liquidated. But in general, the less money people earn in a year, the more money they get from the state.

The current estimate would return about $ 9.5 billion to taxpayers. Individuals with less than $ 75,000 per year and men with less than $ 150,000 per year will receive $ 350 for the taxpayer, and an additional $ 350 for each dependent. That is, a married man earns $ 100,000 annually with one child $ 1,050.

Single men who earn less than $ 125,000 per year and men who earn less than $ 250,000 per year will receive $ 250 each with their trustee. Single men who earn less than $ 250,000 per year and men who earn less than $ 500,000 per year earn as much as $ 200 each with their dependents.

The idea was endorsed by Congressman Miguel Santiago, a Democrat from Los Angeles. Santiago announced the plan in the news on Friday evening, citing an agreement between Newsom and Congress. But a representative from the Santiago office explained that the deal had not been finalized.

“Prices are going up on everything from gas to baby food, this rebate will help cover most of California’s tax returns, including unlicensed Californians, with hundreds of dollars in aid. direct investment, providing critical relaxation in difficult times, ”Santiago said.

The state average price per gallon of unleaded crude oil in California hit a high of $ 6.44 last week. The average price was $ 6.35 cents per gallon on Friday compared to the national average of $ 4.93.

Republicans, who have not held a seat in the state legislature to decide anything, have called for Newsom and Democrats to abolish the state gas tax – which is 51.1 cents per gallon a second. highest in the nation. The tax is set to increase to 53.9 cents per gallon next week, a separate amendment to a piece of state law that is intended to control the increase.

Newsom and Democrat leaders have refused to waive the gas tax, saying it would not guarantee a significant drop in the price that drivers will need. They also said the construction work should be paid for in the same way as the highway maintenance tax in the state.

But they have vowed in recent months to use the rest of the state’s money to send the money directly to taxpayers. But so far, nothing has happened because Newsom and the lawmakers can’t agree on how to do it. Newsom decided to send the money to the owners of the registered cars, even though the lawyers wanted to send the money to the taxpayers.

The idea announced on Friday is a compromise. The money will go to the taxpayers more than to the car owners, but there will be more scrutiny than the lawmakers first thought.

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California governor, lawmakers near deal on gas tax rebate Source link California governor, lawmakers near deal on gas tax rebate

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