California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs $100 billion budget package

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed his $ 100 billion California comeback plan budget package on Monday.

Sacramento, CA — People who make less than $ 75,000 can expect an exciting payment of $ 600. Following the signing of the 2021 budget package..

On Monday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a budget for a total of $ 100 billion. For this Coronavirus pandemic.. In a press release, Newsom said the focus of the budget package would be to provide relief to those in California who need it most.

“Using the largest surplus in state history, we’re making a totally transformative investment that will help all communities recover from the pandemic and pay dividends to the next generation,” Newsum said. Stated.

More than a year ago, it was estimated that there was a $ 54.3 billion budget shortfall. But instead, the state is seeing a surplus of $ 75.7 billion.

With the signature of SB 139Two out of three Californians are subject to three Golden State Stimulus Checks. This is tax refund of $ 12 billion, which expands direct payments sent from California in early 2021.

In addition, California will provide a total of $ 5.2 billion to support low-income lessors and landlords, covering 100% of back rents and all future rents in the coming months. .. An additional $ 2 billion will be available for overdue water and utility bills, as well as money for tenant legal assistance.

The new law invests $ 4 billion in direct grants to small businesses in California, in addition to a $ 6.2 billion tax exemption aimed at helping small business owners. The Budget Package also creates a $ 120 million tax credit program to encourage businesses to move to the state.

Laws signed by Newsom on Monday include:

  • AB 141 – 2021 Budget Act: Cannabis Administration: License: Safety and Quality Assurance.
  • SB 129– 2021 Budget Act.
    • SB129 line item veto found Here..
  • SB 139 – Golden State Stimulus II: Golden State Stimulus.
  • SB 146 – Correctional facility.
  • SB 151 – Economic development.
  • SB 158 –Hazardous waste.

Relation: Senate bills 9 and 10 could change certain zoning laws in home construction, Scott Wiener explains.

There is controversy over several Senate bills that may change certain zoning laws for home construction.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs $100 billion budget package Source link California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs $100 billion budget package

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