California EDD cuts benefits to new moms as it investigates massive disability fraud

FAIRFIELD, California – Bringing a new baby into the world is a time of joy and stress for new moms and dads.

But as many new mothers brought their newborns home in recent weeks, they discovered that EDD had frozen their benefits, labeling them as potential scams as EDD destroyed a huge disability scam.

It brought tears and agony to these moms in the first weeks of life for their babies. While dealing with postpartum emotions, nightmares, and hourly feeding – and simply trying to enjoy time with their newborns, they also had to contend with EDD.

Alexis Davidson and her family were overjoyed when little Quinn was born on New Year’s Eve – just ahead of schedule.

“Yes, a week earlier. We were the first to give birth at North Bay Hospital here in Fairfield,” said Davidson.

But like many new moms, Davidson faces new challenges.

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“Not only did I have an unexpected caesarean section, but I ended up having an incision infection,” he said.

He struggled to recover, while also caring for Penelope’s newborn and 2-year-old daughter – then, a blow from the most unexpected place.

The EDD.

“I do not receive a check at the post office. And I have no news of the EDD …” Davidson realized that the EDD had stopped paying her disability benefits without any notice.

“I spent a lot of time calling EDD,” he said.

After days of trying to cope, an agent finally got it.

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“Oh, your case has been described as fraud …” And I was really surprised when I found out, “Davidson said.

It turns out hers was among 345,000 claims identified as possible fraud and frozen by the EDD to fight a huge disability fraud.

Davidson and her doctor had to prove they were legal, otherwise they would lose the benefits permanently. However, no one notified her or her doctor.

Davidson was supposed to be resting in bed. But an EDD agent told her to clear up her case by going to the disability office in Sacramento. “You can go to the Sacramento disability office and they can verify, you know, everything there,” he was told.

“Great, I’m dealing with an infection, I’m supposed to be lying down, and I also have a newborn baby and it ‘s in the middle of COVID and the micron …” said Davidson.

She drove for an hour with her baby to the EDD building. Mom and baby waited for almost four hours, in a crowded room with others also looking for answers.

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“It’s scary to sit in a small room with a newborn crying and trying to take care of these things. You want to get out as soon as possible, but you are, you are stuck there for hours,” he said. .

But even worse? When it was finally her turn on the bench – no one there could help.

“They have no idea what I’m talking about. They can not handle any of these fraudulent allegations and they have no answers,” Davidson said.

She was told to post her ID – it does not matter where she stood with her new baby and all her paperwork.

“I can show you my scar by caesarean section. And a birth certificate with all our names, and what else would you like?” asked.

The same thing happened with Amanda Miroyan of San Jose. She was having complications from the birth of her baby, Dylan, when EDD froze her benefits. “As if I have nothing better to do than a baby crying in the background as I try to get on the phone,” he said.

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When it finally arrived by phone, EDD had no answers.

“And basically he kept repeating, ‘We have delays, you know, just wait, it’s underway,’ and I said I waited three months … ” Miroyan said.

Out of desperation, Miroyan went to an EDD office with her newborn. They waited four hours in a stuffy room.

“Finally I called my husband to … quit his job and come to help me … in case he was hungry or hungry, I did not want to expose all these people in this small room, you know, COVID and Everything? “And then yes, you don’t really get answers, you wait three hours not to get answers,” he said.

With nowhere to turn, they came to our brother station in San Francisco, KGO-TV. KGO told EDD that the freeze affected newborns and their families. And EDD listened.

“A huge relief … in one night they were able to solve the problem,” Miroyan said.

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EDD contacted its doctors directly to verify their credentials and, yes, to verify that they were real babies – they were indeed born!

And EDD issued all the payments they had lost.

“With your help it was something they were able to solve in 24 hours. Somehow the mind is blowing,” Miroyan said.

“Such a relief. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders,” Davidson said.

These moms are not alone in this struggle. Many others also showed up – including a mom who was instructed to stay stress-free during a high-risk pregnancy – unfortunately it was anything but stress-free.

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California EDD cuts benefits to new moms as it investigates massive disability fraud Source link California EDD cuts benefits to new moms as it investigates massive disability fraud

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