California Drops Mask Mandate for Schools

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced its revised mask requirements last week, the state of California is moving from requiring masks in schools to being “highly recommended,” which will take effect on 12 March as health officials predict a drop in COVID-19. rates in the coming weeks.

Of course, this new information is being received with mixed emotions. The use of masks was a source of immense controversy during the pandemic, with a division that largely fell into the lines of political parties. In a Feb. 28 article in EdSource, former Sacramento Bee educational reporter Diana Lambert wrote:

“Despite protests against masks, nearly two-thirds of California voters support masks and vaccine mandates in schools, according to a survey conducted in early February and published on February 25 by Institute of Government Studies at the University of California Berkeley and co-sponsored by Los Angeles Times. Among parents, 61% approved mask mandates in schools and 55% approved vaccine mandates, according to the survey. The passage of these mandates was divided into political lines, with the vast majority of Republicans disapproving and the vast majority of Democrats. (Diana Lambert, edsource.org) ”

-Diana Lambert, edsource.org

To do so, supporters and opponents of masking could find a common ground. During the term it’s being reversed, that doesn’t mean all school districts will force students to burn masks at recess. California continues to “highly recommend” the use of masks for people who are not yet vaccinated. This applies to both students and staff who are considered immunocompromised. This is especially true in areas where infection rates are still high, such as in Los Angeles County, where students and staff who still feel the need to wear a mask will be able to do so freely. Those who do not can also choose not to wear one. Everyone wins, so to speak.

What the parents of Elk Grove are saying

Many parents in the Elk Grove Unified School District have sounded in the state movement. Jack C, whose children are 13 and 10 years old, is not as excited as some might be:

“I would like the active number case to go down before removing the mask mandates. Whenever we rush things, we saw that the situation was getting worse. My children will continue to be masked in school for the time being. , teachers, family and friends “.

Jack C., father of EGUSD

Dr. Lannie Duong, a doctor, is another mother of several children in the EGUSD, but her extensive training in medical science combined with her experience as a mother has given her a broader view:

“As a mother, I want to see my school-age children enjoy their friends and school without masks interfering with social or physical play. As a health worker, I know that masks help reduce the spread of infection and I want to protect everyone. “The ideal goal is to maximize health and safety without sacrificing too much mental health; mental health is also health, and mental fatigue from the pandemic is real.”

Dr. Lannie Duong, Ph.D.

It is important to note that masks will still be necessary for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. High transmission areas such as health care centers; homeless emergency shelters; public transportation; correctional facilities and long-term care facilities still require Californians to mask themselves. But little by little, state officials have been shifting from an approach of “living with the virus indefinitely,” which is the closest thing we’ve seen to normalcy in almost two years.

California Drops Mask Mandate for Schools Source link California Drops Mask Mandate for Schools

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