California Democrats Oppose Alhambra Congressional Speaker Run

A group of California Democrats are working to cancel a possible House Speakership bid from Rep. Fresno.

Fresno Representative Joaquin Alambra told the Sacramento Bee that he is “considering” becoming the next Speaker of Congress. He said a member approached him about the position.

His potential bid comes at a time when House Democrats are just beginning to move on from a long-running leadership battle between House Speaker Anthony Rendon (D-Lakewood) and Congressman Robert Rivas (D-Hollister). .

rebus is Addressing Rendon’s Claimsleadership position since late May. Rendon said he had held the position for over six years.their fierce battle Split Congressional Democrats I was dragged into an intermediate campaign cycle.

Caucus after November elections made a pact Rendon said he would preside until June 30, when Rivas would take over as the last legislature.

In December, Congress as a whole approved a resolution setting out the terms of the transition. Mr. Rendon’s office declined to comment on the possibility of Mr. Alambra being considered for an executive position.

Alambra starts moving

Members of the Democratic caucus have repeatedly said the transition agreement was unanimous, but Alambra said he believed Rendon was the only congressman to win the necessary votes to become president. rice field.

He did not share how many members had contacted him.

“The only member on the floor who managed to get 41 individual votes is Chairman Rendon,” said Alambra. “Therefore, I believe it is important to find a consensus candidate as we work through this year when our state has budget issues to address.”

The December Leadership Accord was approved through a parliamentary voice vote with little apparent opposition.

Steve Maviglio, a Democratic consultant who works for Rivas, called the deal “game over.”

“The fact that not a single member has stepped forward in support of the challenge reflects that the caucus has made its final decision and moved forward,” he said in a text message.

Democrats Downplay Alhambra’s Bid

Lawmakers who supported both Rendon and Rivas said they thought the issue was resolved. They want to keep moving forward and carry out state business.

House Majority Leader Eloise Gomez Reyes, D-Colton, is a staunch supporter of Rendon. She told The Bee in her October there were no speaker vacancies because Congress already had one in Rendon.

Reyes said she hadn’t had any conversations with Alambra about being a speaker, but she said “(believe) the caucuses have already voted.”

“These votes represent the will of the Democratic caucus in Congress,” Reyes said. “And as a member, I will continue to support the will of my colleagues.”

Oakland MP Buffy Wicks, a longtime supporter of Rivas, also characterized the caucus as “unified behind the consensus decisions already made in November and December.”

When asked if she thought the leadership pact would be maintained in light of Alhambra’s move, she replied “1,000%.”

First-year Federal Member of Parliament Esmeralda Soria (D-Fresno) had a lot of scrambles during her parliamentary election campaign. Soria said she was grateful for both Rivas and Rendon’s support, but she never took sides in their fight.

She said she was surprised to hear about Alhambra’s move because she thought the caucuses “essentially established our position and came out of it in a unified way.”

“People can always say do something,” Soria said. “But I think Congress embodies that we are going in this direction, barring another vote. increase.”

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Lindsay Holden serves the California State Legislature in Sacramento Bee. She previously reported on housing and local government for the San Luis Obispo Tribune. Lindsey started her career with her Rockford Register Star in Illinois. A native of California, raised in the Midwest, she has degrees from DePaul University and Northwestern University. California Democrats Oppose Alhambra Congressional Speaker Run

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