California Democrat says ‘you need an interpreter’ to understand Korean-American Rep. Michelle Steel

In California Democrat challenging GOP Rep. Michelle Steel is under fire from Republicans for apparently joking with the accent of the Korean-American congresswoman by telling a crowd that ‘you need an interpreter’ to understand her.

While I was speaking at a meeting and greeting on April 7 at the Congregation B’nai Tzedek Synagogue in Fountain Valley, California, Jay Chen told the audience: ‘Yes, so she had another town hall the other day yesterday. And, umm, it’s hard. Like, we transcribed it. You need an interpreter to find out what she is saying. ‘

Chen referred to a recent telephone town hall that Steel was dealing with voters, and he had called on them to release the images of it. She published transcripts instead of footage.

‘The more she talks, the better for us,’ he said, pulling the laughter out of the crowd. The comments were first reported by Fox News.

A spokesman for the Steel campaign called the statements “racist” and said he “owes everyone a statement”.

The Chen campaign dismissed the accusation of racism, noting that Chen himself is the child of Taiwanese immigrants, and declined to comment further.

‘I’ve been dealing with racist attacks my whole life, but it will not stop me from proudly sharing my voice. My opponent’s attacks are insulting to all immigrants, ‘Steel said in a statement on Twitter about the comments.

“America is a country built on immigrants,” the spokesman said. ‘Michelle Steel is a first-generation Korean American who speaks English as her third language, and these contemptuous, racist remarks by Jay Chen have absolutely no place in our community. Chen owes everyone a statement, especially after recent reports he continues to support the Confucius Institutes of the Chinese Communist Party in our education system. ‘

Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classrooms are funded by the Chinese Communist Party and intended as a way to bring Chinese propaganda to American classrooms, according to the U.S. State Department.

Rep. Michelle Steel, along with two others, were the first Korean-American women elected to Congress in 2020

Steel's opponent Jay Chen has previously carried out racist and gender-based attacks, saying Steel is' incoherent 'and repeats' her husband's talking points.

Steel’s opponent Jay Chen has previously carried out racist and gender-based attacks, saying Steel is’ incoherent ‘and repeats’ her husband’s talking points.

As a member of the Hacienda La Puente school board in 2010, Chen led an effort to bring the Confucius Classroom to his neighborhood. The program, at the expense of the Chinese Ministry of Education, provides U.S. teachers and classrooms with curriculum and materials to teach students about Chinese language and culture.

When Steel went to Chen’s support of the ‘CCP-sponsored schools’, Chen accused her of ‘anti-Asian racism’ and an accomplice to the ‘rise of violent, anti-Asian hate crimes’.

Chen’s jab was not the first time he went to Steel for the way she speaks.

‘We are running against an honest, very incoherent Republican official in Michelle Steel. The more she talks, the better it is for us, ‘Chen said in a Zoom call in March.

“Everything she does is rely on Republican talking points that feed her husband,” he later said.

Steel’s husband Shawn Steel is the former California GOP chairman and is a member of the Republican National Committee.

Chen is part of the Democrats’ Red to Blue program, where Democrats elect candidates in Republican districts they believe can turn them around to earn money and support.

Chen has also made notes of Rep Ted Lieu, D-Calif., And Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif.

“Will Democrats who have endorsed Jay Chen, like Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff, call on Chen to apologize for his xenophobic rhetoric?” the National Republican Congressional Committee said in a statement on the clip.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called on Democrats to get Chen out of the Red to Blue program immediately.

‘The Democratic Congress Campaign Committee must immediately reject Jay Chen and remove her’ Red to Blue ‘program in light of his racist attack on [Steel], ” McCarthy said in a statement on Twitter. “Disgraceful remarks like those made by Jay Chen have no place in our nation’s political discussion and the DCCC should act unless they approve of these racist remarks.”

In response to McCarthy’s remark, DCCC spokeswoman Maddy Mundy told “This is just more gossip and deception from the man who handed over the keys to his caucus to white supremacists and proponents of racist replacement theory.”

‘Michelle Steel needs to explain to Orange County families why she says she wants to reduce health care costs, but voted against limiting insulin to $ 35, and why she says she wants to create American jobs, but voted against a bill that will help us outcompete China, ‘she continued.

Steel was born in South Korea and moved to California for college. English is their third language behind Korean and Japanese. After being elected in 2020, Steel and Rep. Young Kim, R-Calif., And Rep. Marylin Strickland, D-Wash., The first Korean American women to serve in Congress.

California Democrat says ‘you need an interpreter’ to understand Korean-American Rep. Michelle Steel Source link California Democrat says ‘you need an interpreter’ to understand Korean-American Rep. Michelle Steel

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