Caldor fire update LIVE – Evacuation map from Cal Fire Incidents as Dixie Fire moves toward California town

Large-scale wildfires are rampant throughout Northern California as evacuation maps have been released to locals.

On Tuesday, Caldor’s fire struck a small forest town in Northern California, burning dozens of homes as dangerously dry and windy weather continued to fuel other large flames throughout the state.

The fire is currently just eight miles from Susanville, California, with a population of approximately 18,000.

An estimated 50 homes were burned in and around Grizzly Flats, a town of about 1,200 people, in a Caldor fire in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, fire officials said at a community meeting.

Many resources have been invested in the Susanville area and residents have been warned that they are ready to evacuate, said Operations Chief Mark Brunton.

“It’s not out of place, and the next 24 hours will be important to watch what the fire does there,” he told an online briefing.

A Dixie fire that burned about 600 homes burned in a crater-flammable state in the western United States due to historic droughts and weeks of high temperature and dry weather. It is the largest of the major wildfires in the world.

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  • Evacuation order

    And now, the Flames of Caldor, California have seen evacuation orders issued for people living in the Grizzly Flats and Happy Valley areas.

    Pioneer Elementary School, Wolt Tyler Elementary School, and Mountain Creek Junior High School have also been closed and people are being told to leave home.

  • Dixie Fire

    Named after the road where the flames sparked, Dixie Fire swallowed a larger area than New York City.

    It is currently the largest wilderness flame in the country and the third largest recorded. California History, according to the Department of State’s Fire and Forestry Protection Bureau.


    NS Bootleg FireSince July 6, the raging flames in Oregon have burned down 388,360 acres of land.

    It was burning in and around the Fremont-Winma National Forest, about 300 miles from Portland, the state’s largest city.

    Thousands of homes have been evacuated, but fortunately no deaths have been reported.

    However, there was serious damage. At least 160 homes and buildings have been destroyed.

    Bootleg Fire is now 100% contained after it spread rapidly north and east due to strong winds and became the country’s largest wildfire at 413,000 acres.

  • Where is the fire now?

    A total of 83 flames raging across the west coast were exacerbated by the unprecedented drought and brutal heat waves that caused the condition of the tinderbox.

    Over 19,300 firefighters are fighting burning flames in 13 states. Montana and Idaho have been hit by the heat of the heat, with 20 fires in the former and 18 fires in the latter.

    California alone has burned more than 176,892 acres of land, following Oregon as the second most affected state.


    August 14 -After a wildfire in Caldor, California, which tripled overnight, prompted large-scale evacuation and school closures.

    Approximately 2,500 people were evacuated in response to the fire warning.

    August 15 -The flames that began after the fire in El Dorado County spread to about 6,500 acres.

  • Haze Travel

    July 15 –As The result of the fire, The haze started to move all the time new York I lowered the air quality on the way.

    Air quality indices in many states continue to fluctuate between “unhealthy” and “extremely unhealthy.”

    July 22- NS The fire keeps burning Across most of the west coast.

    that’s all 19,300 firefighters fought The flames burned in 13 states, and Montana and Aidaho were struck by the heat, with 20 vigorous fires in the former and 18 in the latter.

  • July 6

    Californian Wildfire was caused by Severe heat temperature rise The entire western state.

    It is associated with a drought that worsened after the state had that experience. The driest 12 months on record..

    They started in Oregon on July 6th.

    They have already died in 2021. Killed two firefighters in adjacent Oregon Because the fire ate up 143,607 acres of land.

    Overall, experts believe that these factors have created the perfect recipe for further devastation this season.

  • From January

    In January alone, there were 297 fires on 1,171 acres of California.

    This is three times the five-year average.

    Wildfires usually start with the heat of the sun, causing small fires in the woodlands. Wildfires grow as they consume the flammable material around them.

Caldor fire update LIVE – Evacuation map from Cal Fire Incidents as Dixie Fire moves toward California town Source link Caldor fire update LIVE – Evacuation map from Cal Fire Incidents as Dixie Fire moves toward California town

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