Caitlyn Jenner wants Californians to get vaccinated, but is against mandates

Los Angeles (KABC)-Caitlyn Jenner launched a one-month campaign tour on Thursday, starting with a meeting with residents and a tour of a homeless camp in Venice to become the next governor of California.

Former Olympic and reality TV personalities have avoided asking whether they have lined up lucrative books and television deals related to the September recall elections, which could dismiss Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

“I’ve never worked so hard in my life,” Jenner told reporters in the Venice Beach area of ​​Los Angeles after being asked about ink for a money-making side venture. Then she avoided the second question about possible transactions.

But late in the afternoon, her campaign issued a statement that “I have never pursued a money-making venture in connection with the campaign.”

In the campaign, when asked about the possibility of a secondary deal for the work, she was asked why she didn’t respond, saying, “That’s not the question she expected.”

At her first inauguration, Jenner casts a shadow over her intentions and the question of whether she might run a vanity campaign related to improving her entertainment career. She does not have a history of managing a vast government like California, which is itself the fifth largest economy in the world.

These questions were fueled by disclosure that she had left the country after announcing a campaign to shoot the reality television show “Celebrity Big Brother” in Australia.

In connection with her recent trip, Jenner told Witness News: “Every candidate who challenges Gavin Newsom has a job. I have a job.

Her comment comes when Newsom is set to hit a four-day campaign trail of state-wide events that encourages Californians to vote “no” for recalls on Friday.

Newsom upholds the obligation to vaccinate, in stark contrast to the top Republicans who are trying to replace him. These candidates oppose the obligation to show evidence of vaccination to enter state workers, teachers, and public places.

“We have to follow science, which means I don’t like the pressure I see (placed) on people who have to be vaccinated, even for travel.” Said Jenner. “Science is everywhere. It’s not just a set of science. At the CDC, there are many other opinions and we need to look at them honestly, but we also need to give people personal freedom. Do what they feel is best for them. “

When asked about the spread of the Delta variant and plans to fight it as more children return to school, she replied, “If you think that’s right, I encourage people to get vaccinated.” rice field.

Regarding Republican front runner Larry Elder, Jenner said he was far-right and the state needed a comprehensive Republican like her.

Jenner was supposed to start a bus tour throughout the state, but instead flies to various campaign events.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Newsom was dismissed by President Joe Biden, who issued a statement urging Californians to oppose the September 14 recall. “I know how to get the job done because he’s doing it,” Biden said of his fellow Democrats. Biden and former California Senator Kamala Harris are expected to play an active role in the campaign.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi also participated in the recall in South Los Angeles on Thursday.

“What is the purpose of the recall other than the skull? But the system makes it possible, so we need to beat it. From a free lunch program at school to the protection of the planet, it beats. You have to be recalled, “Pelosi said.

Voter registration has increased by 13.9% since the last governor’s election in 2018. More than 22 million Californians are registered for voting, which is 88.9% of voters.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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Caitlyn Jenner wants Californians to get vaccinated, but is against mandates Source link Caitlyn Jenner wants Californians to get vaccinated, but is against mandates

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