Caitlyn Jenner: Pete Davidson Is the Perfect Guy For Kim!

Kanye, if you are reading this, we urge you to stop right away for your own mental health!

Your obsession with Pete Davidson clearly knows no bounds, and this story makes you hate your guy even more.

In your mind, Davidson has already taken so much from you – your wife, your children, your reputation as a friend who never persecutes and harasses the mother of her children.

So we’re worried about what might happen, Kanye, when you find out that your only MAGA ally in the Kard clan has officially relied on Pete’s side!

Yes, we already knew that Pete defeated Kris Jenner soon after he and Kim started dating.

And we know what Pete met Kim’s children last week – predictably, they also look pretty fond of the lovable nonsense.

But now, in an unexpected twist that is sure to destroy the remnant of Kanye’s self-esteem, it looks like Caitlyn Jenner is also a Davidson fan.

The former Olympic and governor-designate was asked in a recent podcast interview about his feelings for Pete.

Probably to Yen’s chagrin, Caitlyn had nothing but good to say about the SNL star.

“To be honest with you, he seemed like a very nice guy,” he said in the podcast.

“But the best part was that Kim seemed so happy and that’s my number one concern.”

Sure, it may not be the best-sounding recommendation in the world, but if our memory doesn’t disappoint, it’s nicer than anything Caitlyn has ever said about Kim’s previous friend – and they were married for six years!

Meanwhile, Kim met Pete’s grandparents over the weekend, and it looks like he impressed them quite a bit.

He had previously met the cartoon’s mother and sister, and apparently Mama Davidson hopes Kim and Pete will be involved for a long time.

When the family last gathered on Staten Island, Pete’s mother reportedly asked Kim when she and Pete could start making babies.

“Pete was completely embarrassed that his mother went there, but this opened up an opportunity for them to discuss the subject.” a source that is close to the situation says Hollywood life.

“They dealt with it earlier, but because there was truth in his mother Amy’s comment, it sparked a debate,” the insider continues.

“Pete sometimes wants a child, and Kim hasn’t ruled out having more children.”

Kim is already a mother of four, but she has never said she has children in public.

Of course, Kim and Pete have only been dating for a few months, so they probably aren’t seriously the possibility of having children is still being discussed.

But no matter what they decide or how long they stay together, the fact is that at the moment, it seems that everyone in the expanded Kardashian clan would support the idea of ​​starting a family with Kim and Pete.

And you know that fact just tears Kanye inside.

Caitlyn Jenner: Pete Davidson Is the Perfect Guy For Kim! Source link Caitlyn Jenner: Pete Davidson Is the Perfect Guy For Kim!

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