Bus driver shortages being felt throughout cities nationwide

There is a shortage of city bus drivers across the country, with 71% of transport agencies surveyed saying they had to cut or delay service.

It’s a problem that started before the pandemic, but transportation advocates say the pandemic has worsened.

“To some extent, jobs in general have created inequality. It used to be a reliable gateway to the middle class, but the salaries of many middle-class jobs don’t go as far as they used to, ”said Chris Van Eyken, program manager at TransitCenter.

Some cities are being successful in offering signature bonuses of up to $ 6,000 if the person already has a commercial driver’s license. Others are demanding the return of retired drivers.

“I think more attention needs to be paid then to make sure they stay with the agency, because after a year or two we see a lot of people who can’t keep working and so they go. Go to other areas. And right now if you have a CDL, demand you’re great, ”Van Eyken said.“ So you have some options about where you work. ”

Nearly two-thirds of transportation agencies said they have difficulty retaining staff. The TransitCenter report found that drivers are more flexible with schedules, better facilities (such as more reliable access to toilets), and better driver safety.

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Bus driver shortages being felt throughout cities nationwide Source link Bus driver shortages being felt throughout cities nationwide

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