Burger King workers in Nebraska depart and leave message: ‘We all quit’

Lincoln, Nebraska-A photo of the Burger King sign in Lincoln, Nebraska has become a hot topic on social media.

The sign outside the restaurant says “WE ALL QUIT” and “SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE”. The letter was withdrawn on Saturday.

Two ex-employees said KLKN-TV That management is the reason why people quit.

“They wanted to put up a sign saying,’Sorry, no one is here,'” said former general manager Rachel Flores. “I laughed a bit at the senior management. It was put up before we opened, and I thought no one would notice it because we had only one sign. And it was pretty crazy on Facebook. Now I got a call from the top and they told me I needed to take it down. “

Flores issued a notice two weeks ago, followed by eight colleagues. She has been General Manager since January.

“They have experienced so many district managers since I was GM,” she said. “No one came to the store to help me. They go in and out very much.”

According to Flores, Burger King employees worked for weeks in an unair-conditioned kitchen. At some point, the kitchen was over 90 degrees. Flores went to the hospital because of dehydration. She said her boss reacted by saying she was a “baby.”

“I stayed to help Rachel,” said former employee Kylie Johnson. “She is my best friend. She has been with me all the time. I want to help her as much as possible. I knew what was happening in terms of staff. We just I was waiting for more people to come, but no one was there. “”

The two said the kitchen was understaffed and often had three to four people working at lunch. Flores said she worked 50 to 60 hours a week. Flores and Johnson said it was unsafe to have such a small staff.

A former employee said senior managers were unaware that workers were trying to sign up. The staff was joking about sending a message the day before, and then continued until the next day.

Flores’ boss told her to give her the key, and she was fired.

The place is still open, but Flores and Johnson said they were still understaffed and the new employees were leaving a few days after the shift began. They believe they may have similar experiences elsewhere.

Burger King workers in Nebraska depart and leave message: ‘We all quit’ Source link Burger King workers in Nebraska depart and leave message: ‘We all quit’

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