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HOUSTON, Texas – A startup in Houston is turning Kombucha tea into artificial and sustainable leather.

Bucha Bio uses herbal ingredients, including kombucha, to create materials for luxury fashion, car and interior industries.

The company’s CEO, Zimri Hinshaw, first started experimenting with kombucha a few years ago as a prospective fashion design student at Temple University.

“I was looking for something that does not use animal skin and does not use plastic, which also does not really align with my values,” Hinshaw said. “I ran on this material and realized that it would fit very well. I planted the first SCOBY leaves under my roommate’s bed.”

Three years later, Bucha Bio now has offices in Houston’s green technology incubator, Greentown Labs, and is setting up a new lab in the East End Makerspace.

“Bucha Bio is not just an alternative leather company. We create a variety of materials ranging from packaging to hard composites to fibers,” said Hinshaw. “It’s important for us in terms of environmental impact to create alternative leather solutions, the things that have such an analogy in the world. But it is just as important for us as a technology company to create objects that are simply completely unique and completely new. “

Bucha Bio hopes to change the game by replacing many products based on animals and plastics.

“As a company, we were trying to have an environmental impact,” Hinshaw said. “And this environmental impact will definitely replace animals, hides, plastics and oil-based products, and so we were going to have a big impact on the environment and be part of the energy transition.”

For more information, visit Bucha Bio In connection.

Bucha Bio – ABC30 Fresno Source link Bucha Bio – ABC30 Fresno

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