Britney Spears Wants a Boob Job After Weight Loss, Lifelong Self-Image Struggles

Just because of Britney Spears I don’t know who Pete Davidson is does not mean he is immune to living in LA

In fact, in recent months, he has been able to choose where he is going and what to do, for the first time in his 20s.

After losing weight and seeing some other female characters around town, Britney made the decision.

She would like to do good to the decades-old rumors by actually getting a breast job.

Britney Spears sent a long message (compiled on her phone and then shared as screenshots) to Instagram on Thursday, March 24th.

“It’s crazy to live in Los Angeles …” he pointed out.

“I was thinking about getting a breast job … my breasts are pretty small,” Britney admitted.

“I mean, with the right bra, it’s good,” Britney admitted.

“But,” he explained, “was curious what the doctor would say !!!”

While countless people have opinions about the desired breast size, the only opinion that matters alongside Britney is Britney’s own.

Britney Spears IG Tits 1/5

As she explained, the size of her breasts changed recently.

“I gained 7 pounds in the last 6 months and that’s a lot for me !!!” Britney shared.

He joked, “I’m officially part of the ‘Itty Bitty Titty Committee'”

“… They shrank !!! I don’t know where my tits went,” Britney joked.

Weight loss is about proportions, so for a short and slender woman like Britney, 7 pounds could be a lot.

Britney said she had set aside time for a doctor, but ended up leaving when “there was no one” to let her in.

“I’ve never come back,” Britney admitted, saying it felt scary to even go to the meeting at first.

He also revealed how many of his self-image problems are due to trauma.

He did not describe it, but it is the truth nonetheless.

Britney Spears IG Tits 05/05

“My dad always told me I was fat,” Britney recalled, “and the heavy girl on stage wasn’t fun … it was humiliating !!!”

He admitted that he felt he had “just one good” magazine cover throughout the conservatory.

“The rest were very bad !!!” Britney complained.

“They could at least have used the technology … but they used it to make it worse !!!” Britney said.

He commented that posing in these descriptions was “a fucking waste of time.”

It’s bad enough that you won’t be allowed to control your career. It’s worse if you don’t even like what you’re being forced to do.

Britney has been aggressively sexualized since she was a minor (seriously, look at her old interviews – your blood is boiling).

He admitted to being “an absolute victim of all the social objectivity and exploitation to which women are subjected.”

“I’ve bought myself in between !!!” he wrote clearly, blaming himself.

Britney Spears IG Tits 3/5

“ANKO IS A LOT !!!” Britney expressed.

He stressed that “people can be happy” and “100% attractive” in any size or shape as long as they still have “good energy”.

“God knows the secret to my success was never how beautiful I was !!!” Britney added. “I think I was teasing … just very cool energy !!!”

Britney also talked about her unintentional stay at a mental health facility in 2019 – a stay that ignited the Free Britney movement more than ever before.

“When my family sent me to that place, the main thing that hurt me was the medicine they put on !!!” he blamed.

“You can go brain dead if you take too much, so strong it is !!!” Britney described.

“It made me stupid and sad, and I gained so much weight,” Britney recalled.

“I felt ugly, angry and mean,” he admitted, “and that’s why I was just like that !!!”

However, he stressed that he is still “discovering” himself and added that his followers should be considered carefully before getting their own cosmetic work.

Britney Spears IG Tits 05/05

There are ways to talk honestly about your body and any cosmetic work you may be doing without telling others about the procedure.

Britney definitely hit the nail on the head.

He also opens up about his trauma and many other topics here … as it should. It’s his Instagram that he uses in the way he sees fit.

Britney Spears Wants a Boob Job After Weight Loss, Lifelong Self-Image Struggles Source link Britney Spears Wants a Boob Job After Weight Loss, Lifelong Self-Image Struggles

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