Britney Spears Throws Major Shade at Jamie Lynn: Bish, You Don’t Know Sh-t!

Britney Spears ended up biting her tongue, everyone.

During most of her adulthood, 39-year-old public comments were filtered by those who carried out her conservation efforts, leaving behind a squeaky, clean Disney-Fided version of Britney.

And, of course, that was exactly what her father and other villains in her life wanted.

But now things have changed and Britney is finally free to speak her mind.

Judge in Britney’s case at a hearing last month Suspended Jamie Spears as her guardianPerhaps the singer is a move that means he will be released from all the detentions imposed in court in the very near future.

This is great for Britney, but not so good for her family. Some relatives seem to have taken advantage of the power of attorney that put her in the power of attorney.

According to Brit, one of the people who was willing to participate in the exploitation was her sister, Jamie Lynn.

Well, there was a time when Jamie Lynn was somewhat famous in her own right, but she never approached Britney’s position.

So I don’t think it’s surprising Jamie Lynn’s next memoir Tried to take advantage of her proximity to Britney in the title I have to confess..

For obvious reasons, a clear reference to her most famous song didn’t go well with Spears’ sister.

According to Britney Jaime Lin was involved in the power of attorney And much of the abuse that accompanies it.

Jamie Lynn says she secretly supported her sister Throughout the trials, but Britney just didn’t buy it-and not Britney.

On Tuesday, Jamie was announced to change the title to her memoirs in response to a backlash from Britney fans.

Jamie Lynn & Brit

The book is now called What to say -And I think even Jamie’s toughest haters agree that it’s far more appropriate than the previous title.

In addition to their enjoyment of the situation, there is the fact that Brit is now spiked football and enjoying the latest humiliation of her duplicate sister.

“I’m thinking of releasing a book next year,” Britney joked on Instagram yesterday.

“But I’m having trouble coming up with a title, so fans may be able to help me !!!!”

Brit’s additional comments make it very clear, as if it wasn’t yet clear that she was talking about Jamie’s situation.

“Option # 1 …’S–t, I really don’t know’ Option # 2 …’I really care what people think’ !!!! What do you guys think ???” Singer Wrote.

It’s about as good as it gets in terms of shades of celebrities in the family.

And of course, Britney fans loved it every second.

“Jamie Lynn is trembling,” commented one. according to Page 6.

“What my sister shouldn’t have said,” another person chimed.

Jamie Lynn hasn’t commented on the title change or her sister’s shade yet-and she probably never.

But her publisher, a small Christian publisher called Worthy, issued a statement claiming that everything was a big misunderstanding.

“I am deeply regretted that inaccurate and incomplete information about her book appeared in public during this delicate period, especially for Jamie Lynn and her family,” said a spokesman.

So I think Britney will win this round!

In fact, this may be a good time for Jamie to withdraw from the fight. I think Britney will win every round from now on!

Britney Spears Throws Major Shade at Jamie Lynn: Bish, You Don’t Know Sh-t! Source link Britney Spears Throws Major Shade at Jamie Lynn: Bish, You Don’t Know Sh-t!

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