Britney Spears Deletes Instagram Account. Should Fans Be Worried?

Britney Spears says he needs a break.

However, many fans across the country are worried that the singer is on the verge of another break.under..

On Monday, the pop superstar deleted her entire Instagram account, prompting concerns from her followers and endless questions from people who are paying close attention to the artist.

She just got Engagement with Sam Asgari..

Her dad, Jamie Spears, has finally submitted the paperwork Resigned as singer’s guardian..

So … maybe what’s going on?

What’s so bad that Britney felt he needed to break the connection with millions of fans?

According to Britney himself, there is nothing.

“Don’t worry about people … just a short break from social media to celebrate my engagement !!!! I’ll be back soon”, deleting all photos and messages on her official Instagram page Later, Spears tweeted.

For months, this page has been the main way Spears communicate with her supporters.

While she was fighting for freedom from her father, Britney uploaded her dance videos and posted inspirational memes and messages to let people know she was okay. ..

Britney Instagram

Heck, shortly before deleting his account, Spears jumped on the platform and posted an excerpt of the text titled “Inspiring Education.” I shared some of them a few days ago.

I wrote Britney as an explanation at the time:

“I had to repost this so I could see the whole article !!!!! Basically I grew up in a world where almost everything I did was controlled by someone else …

“I hope this message reaches people who have been confused or manipulated by the system !!!! No … you are not alone … you are not crazy !!!!

“People need to hear this before it’s too late !!!”

Prior to the excerpt, there was the following quote from Oscar Wilde:

“Education is good, but sometimes it’s good to remember that you can’t teach anything worth knowing.”

And it concludes:

We need children to grow up by trusting their internal authority, rather than blindly empowering the external authority of information.

We are willing to create new life-giving products and systems, rather than having habitual external controls that weaken them and their creativity over time and cause anxiety and depression. Needs empowered teens and adults with no strong internal control location..

Written Britney to conclude her captions:

I waited 13 years and counted my freedom !!!!! Again … Team #FreeBritney You guys f ****** Kick ass !!!!!

I love you so much and God blesses you.

So that’s for sure, as Britney is doing well now.

Britney’s People Magazine insider said he was taking a break from social media.

“It’s her decision and nothing else should be read.

“She is in a great place, both legally and personally.”

Asgari proposed to a celebrity just days after Fritney’s dad, Jamie, filed a petition to end the power of attorney that had dominated her life for 13 years.

Or ruined her life, Spears, based on the testimony she gave in June, Her father with parental abuse He outlined all the ways Jamie exploited her daughter.

Britney also accused Jamie of stealing her money and banning marriage and having children.

But it works.

Britney is engaged now!

“I can’t say how shocked I was. [engaged] … Well, those who hate it were far behind !!!! It was definitely worth the wait. “

“Yes the world … the beautiful f-ing guy in the picture is mine !!!” she added about Asgari. “I’m so blessed that I’m insane.”

Britney Spears Deletes Instagram Account. Should Fans Be Worried? Source link Britney Spears Deletes Instagram Account. Should Fans Be Worried?

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