British Airways strike called off after new pay offer

British Airways refrained from ma Harmful summer strike Following an agreement on a “greatly improved” fare deal, according to the unions, a boost to the airline, which was forced to cancel thousands of flights this year.

The union said on Thursday that a dispute affecting the check-in staff at Heathrow Airport in London had been “suspended” after the company submitted a new offer regarding pay. Instead, the team will opt for the sweet pay deal.

“We welcome the fact that BA has finally listened to the voice of its check-in team. United has repeatedly warned that BA wage disputes were inevitable unless the company took our members’ legitimate complaints seriously,” the secretary general said. United, Sharon Graham.

The GMB union, whose members were also due to strike, has concluded a deal with BA, according to a union official.

About 700 BA check-in teams at Heathrow voted in a strike last month, with unions pledging a “severe disruption” planned in line with the summer rush to fly overseas.

United said the payment offer from BA had been “greatly improved” without revealing further details. The union has demanded that wages be returned to pre-epidemic levels, following a 10 per cent cut imposed by BA when the industry was virtually shut down due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

The airline said it was “very pleased” with the result, which came a day after it announced plans Cut another 10,300 summer flights Due to a shortage of manpower, the total number of cancellations this year is about 30,000.

BA was under extreme pressure to avoid a strike that could have plunged its operations into chaos on one of the busiest weekends of the year for travel, with schools falling apart ahead of the summer.

But many other employers also recognize that they will have to make wage concessions to avoid severe industrial disputes, especially in a narrow labor market where recruitment is difficult.

United said separately on Thursday that it had won an additional 4% wage increase for more than 17,000 of the lowest-paid employees at NatWest Bank, which would be consolidated at a base wage, rather than a lump sum.

She recently reached a deal for a similar salary increase at Barclays, and a £ 1,000 bonus for staff at Lloyds Banking.

Meanwhile, a Bank of England survey published on Thursday showed that two-thirds of employers were “much harder” than usual to recruit new workers, with average wage growth expected to remain above 5% over the next 12 months – at the level of policymakers think unsustainable.

Separately, a survey published Friday by the Recruitment and Employment Association, the professional body for recruiting businesses in the UK, showed that employers are still reporting worsening candidate availability and sharp increases in starting salaries, although the frenetic pace of recruitment has slowed slightly.

While private sector employers are showing flexibility, the current political upheaval may make the wage disputes brewing in the public and quasi-public sector more insoluble.

Mick Lynch, secretary general of the RMT Railway Workers’ Union, said Boris Johnson’s resignation had raised the prospect of “months of chaos in the heart of the government, which could seriously undermine the prospect of a settlement in the national rail dispute.”

On Thursday, 2,000 RMT members at Govia Thameslink Railway voted in favor of joining industry strikes, meaning the train operator is the 14th facing industrial action in the wage, conditions and job security dispute.

Nadim Zahawi, the new chancellor, has given no solid signal as to whether he might be willing to fund more generous wage arrangements for public sector workers from the 2-3 per cent proposal currently included in departmental funding plans.

British Airways strike called off after new pay offer Source link British Airways strike called off after new pay offer

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