Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline: Already FIRED From Teen Mom Spinoff?!

They should have known that this was a bad idea.

last month, Teen Mom Spin-off Show Featuring cast members from all three series (Teen Mom OG, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom Young and Pregnant) was turned green by MTV executives.

The show took a healthier approach than its predecessor and brought together women for days of therapy, healing, and mama ties.

Unfortunately, on the first night of filming, the experiment exploded violently.

The plan was for cast members to live under one roof, get to know each other, and hopefully cooperate with each other to move away from the toxic tendencies that franchises have become known to.

“Producers want to make it interesting by putting girls they never work with in the same environment,” one production source told Ashley’s reality Roundup.

“They believe that girls will do” healing exercises “together, such as sound therapy, and perhaps group therapy. “

Oh yeah, it sounds like the Teen Mom producer has never actually seen his show.

As expected, things did No When they went according to plan, the women stabbed each other’s throats shortly after they met.

according to Ashley, on the first day of the night, there was a quarrel between Brianna de Jesus, Brittany De Jesus, and Jade Klein against Ashley Jones.

Beef news was first published by Roxanne, the mother of Buri and Brittany. Roxanne shared her story on Instagram Live in the hope of defeating Ashley.

“It could end up on social media so Ashley could report it faster than anyone else. Well, unfortunately, I’m saying it first!” Roxanne told the audience. ..

“S–t broke out last night and guess what happened again? The three girls had to be taken to another location, but in reality they were taken to the opposite location. I had to go. Three girls didn’t go there to be bullies, “she smoked, clearly mentioning Jade and her daughters.

“They got into it because they care about their business, but it broke out. I don’t want to know what happened. I don’t care at this point,” continued Elder Deyes.

“I’m going to put that responsibility on the network!” Roxanne continued.

“Now you are dealing with people’s real emotions, and when you get a reaction, you are worried. You want to involve the therapist, you make sure you are insured I want … No. I’m done. I’m f–king done. “

Details are lacking at this time, but Roxanne claims that the quarrel was not physical.

“Something happened last night. There was a fuss, words were said. I don’t think there was a quarrel. I think there was a lot of bark between Jade and Ashley’s two daughters,” she said. rice field.

“There they took Jade, Brittany and Brianna away and let them stay at another hotel.”

Roxanne also says he is angry that Ashley had to relocate his daughters during his stay.

“Why? This is the second time you do it to us!” She said.

She is referencing time Sisters De Jesus fought Kailyn Lowry At a teen mom’s reunion show.

Brianna, Jade

At that time, De Jesus’ sisters were asked to leave, and other fighters were allowed to leave.

There were rumors that the removal had dismissed Jade and Dyes from the show, but it seems they will only stay at another hotel.

As for the cause of beef, Buri and Brittany were intimate with Jade and helped her take care of her after plastic surgery.

Jade and Ashley aren’t on good terms, so the most likely explanation is that they entered Tiff and De Jesus jumped in.

“They knew what this would be. When they were pitching the show to them, they joked with some girls about it,” Source told Ashley.

“They definitely wanted to get a housewife-type show here, and they didn’t encourage the fight, but they knew it would probably happen someday. The girls in the club were allowed to bring Plus One, the other girls were not allowed. It was in the shade. ”

This seems to be confirmed by Roxanne’s claim that the production staff brought a large amount of alcohol to the girl on the first night before the treatment was given.

“Not all girls are scheduled to be there all the time, so they scheduled it and maybe there weren’t any girls out there at the same time, but they weren’t. I did, “the second source says.

“Also, in my opinion, the show had different pitches for each girl to get them to go.”

The girls reportedly knew what other moms were cast, but didn’t know when they would be in the set.

And perhaps the producer casts for a conflict.

Unless anyone gets hurt or appeals to MTV for oblivion, it can be an interesting TV.

Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline: Already FIRED From Teen Mom Spinoff?! Source link Briana DeJesus, Jade Cline: Already FIRED From Teen Mom Spinoff?!

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