Briana DeJesus DUMPS Javi Gonzalez Just 2 Weeks After Getting Engaged!

Brianna de Jesus is not the most angry of all Teen Moms.

The title belongs to the Carolina Hurricane itself, General Evans.

However, Bri is the one who has the least tolerance for BS and is most likely to simply release someone after angering or betraying her.

And the latest to be kicked by Buri on the curb may be her ex-fiancé Jabi Gonzalez.

Brianna and Jabi just got engaged Last month, De Jesus said she had never fallen in love so much.

However, just two weeks later, the couple seem to have separated.

Neither party has made any official announcements of any kind, but online detectives have made some interesting discoveries about Bri’s recent social media activities.

First, she unfollowed Javi and he did the same and resonated.

Then she nailed the casket and removed all photos of Javi from the Instagram page.

The news was astonishing not only because of how short the engagement was, but also because De Jesus looked truly upside down to the man.

She began calling him her “future husband” just a few weeks after they started dating.

Brianna even threatened to quit teen mom 2 Just because Jabi didn’t want to take the daily Covid test needed to continue shooting.

“I’m navigating and working hard. I hope he’s alone. He’s very nice,” she told the British tabloid The Sun shortly after the two started dating. ..

“I have never met such a sincere and real man. It respects me very much.”

Brianna spent much of her relationship showering Jabi with a gift he was willing to accept.

And now that the relationship is caputo, he will probably gladly grab them.

It should be noted that at this point, the dissolution is far from official.

This may be a bad fight that has led Bri to blame Instagram.

But De Jesus is always a grudge, and if Javi does something to offend her, it will be very difficult for him to return to her good grace.

Javi Gonzalez makes his Teen Mom 2 debut Just last week (fans decided to call him Habi 2 to distinguish him from Kairin Raleigh’s ex-husband Habi Malokin … Buri also dated).

Buri hasn’t taken this step with many of her boyfriends, and viewers have taken the appearance of Jabi 2 on the screen as a sign that the two of them have been there for a long time.

Last year, Buri just moved to a new location with her mother and sister, and they even talked about buying a house together.

You can safely assume that these plans are on hold.

It’s not entirely clear what’s happening with the two right now, but Brianna is known to be completely open to fans.

So there is no doubt that she will solve the situation in the near future with one of her signed Twitter tilades.

Briana DeJesus DUMPS Javi Gonzalez Just 2 Weeks After Getting Engaged! Source link Briana DeJesus DUMPS Javi Gonzalez Just 2 Weeks After Getting Engaged!

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