Brenda Song On Disney and Chasing Her Dreams As an Actor

The Suite Life on Deck the movie was the last thing I did at Disney. I was 21 years old. A lot of people said to me, “You have to do something brazen.” Maxim wanted to do something. I just wasn’t ready for it. That was when all the Disney girls were becoming young women. Even before that, I got weird prison mail when I was 16, even though I was on a children’s program because it was shown on Saturday morning.

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I don’t think you have to compromise on yourself to succeed. I felt so much pressure. I thought: Do I have to change myself to get myself to the next level? Honestly, I know some very successful people who are the happiest people because they have spent so much time being the way everyone wants them to be. My mother told me, “Don’t do that.”

My mother is living with me at the moment. I bought a house for my parents, which was always my goal, and he still has his home, but he’s here because of my son. My brother has two daughters and they will be visiting all the time. My family is very close and I am grateful that my partner is okay with it because people probably find it crazy. It’s hard for people to understand that intimacy if you haven’t grown up with it.

The new lesson I’ve learned is to say no, which has been really hard because it’s still ingrained in me, as I’m an Asian-American actress in Hollywood, that this may be my last chance. I stop and say, “Brenda, you have to take care of you. You have to be with your son.” I immediately returned to work to shoot Doll face when I was only 12 weeks after giving birth. We filmed for four months and I would be away for 15, 16 hour days. I asked, “Oh my God, I’m so far away from my son.” When I finished this last season, I had to take a vacation. He just filled one. He’s still very young, so it’s hard.

Brenda Song On Disney and Chasing Her Dreams As an Actor Source link Brenda Song On Disney and Chasing Her Dreams As an Actor

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