Breaking Down Technical SEO: Understanding the Basics

It’s not all about your site just keywords and beautiful images. There are technical things in the background that need to be done as well. This is part of SEO and can be very challenging. There are many small details that can make a big difference.

Usually, you use SEO and keywords to try to get people to your site, right? But once you get there, you have to hook them. You also want your site to rank well and this also requires some strategy.

Let’s look at the basics of the SEO technician and analyze the details for you.

What exactly is SEO Technique?

To understand how to use SEO technician for your benefit, you must first understand what it is, right? As the name implies, this approach is very technical. It’s all about the little details on your site that lead to better ratings.

One of the big parts of this is just setting up the site. Makes sense? Is it user friendly? It must be navigable without much extra effort. Another important factor is the speed of your website. If your site is slow to load and move, this is a problem.

The reason it still falls into SEO is because improving your site with technical details will help it rank higher in a search. Technical details play a role in the overall ranking.

Where most SEO approaches are about getting people to your site, this particular approach is about making the site great. They need a good experience once they decide to address you.

What makes a website optimized?

There are various details that fall into the SEO technique, but there are definitely some factors that will matter. When your site is ranked, things like speed, efficiency, and even accuracy will determine its ranking in a simple search. It also matters how much traffic they receive and whether they simply leave your site instead of using it.

Here are some of the most important SEO tips.


Customers who visit or buy from your site value security. A site that is not secure makes people nervous and they will definitely not want to enter payment information there.

This is a fairly basic requirement of the SEO technician, but you will be surprised at how many companies do not prioritize security. If it’s not in your list of priorities for your site, you need to put it there. Simple changes like HTTPS make a huge difference in security.

Customers can easily determine if a site is secure or not. The browser actually indicates this in most cases with something like a lock. Check your site and make sure it is secure.


Your website needs to be fast. The last thing one wants when one finally connects to a site is to be delayed with every click it makes. If you have to constantly wait for loading, it’s a hassle.

This is a really good way to lose potential customers. If the website does not load or loads slowly, it is very likely that they will just go out and find another resource that is moving fast. In fact, studies have shown that most people will just leave if the site is too slow.

Do not let this be your site. Think of the missed opportunities!

It’s not just that customers leave when the site is slow. A slow site actually gets lower rankings in a search engine. The speed of the site affects the ranking position in a search, no matter how amazing your other SEO tactics are.


There are a few things more frustrating than clicking a link within a webpage and getting this nasty 404 error. Wouldn’t you agree? This has probably happened to you. You do not want to own this site.

Keep things on your site up to date and well-connected. Check the site occasionally to make sure all links are working properly and are active. Make adjustments when things change or you move something.

Remember that your site is designed to provide users with a good experience. This means that you do not want to waste your time with something that says “click here” and then does not work. You will also find that inactive or incorrect links will negatively affect your SEO ranking.

Bot friendly

This may sound silly, but it’s important to keep in mind. When downloading for SEO, you need to remember that there are no random people who look at your site and then give it a ranking.

All this search engine ranking is done by bots. Bots and programs are designed to look for certain things. In turn, these robots will look at your site for details.

Therefore, you need to make your site friendly to those robots that are going to control it. This is the only time we can easily welcome bots, right? This is a matter of coding and formatting and therefore very technical.

There are some tips, such as using robots.txt files. There are also robot meta tags that can be useful. Designing a website to guide the robot where to go and what to look for is called traceability.

If the goal is to appear in a search engine (and it is), then you need to be prepared for the search engine bots that help determine your ranking.

SEO technique is important

We often think of SEO simply as keywords and great graphics and content. However, we must remember that this goes far beyond that. The technical side of the issue will make a difference when it comes to your optimization and you do not want to confuse it.

You can have a very nice site, but if the technical aspects are not hospitable or reliable, you will quickly lose people. Do not take this opportunity with your business. Our guess is that you value every potential customer and want to keep them if you can.

Breaking Down Technical SEO: Understanding the Basics Source link Breaking Down Technical SEO: Understanding the Basics

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