Brazil turns the tide with COVID-19 vaccines

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Despite the late start, plagued by many controversies that have plagued President Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s coronavirus vaccination campaign is currently one of the fastest and most widespread in the world.

While boasting a world-renowned immunization system, 213 million countries began inoculating coronavirus in January, a few weeks later, from the United States, many European countries, and other countries in South America. bottom.

Political controversy under the president, who downplayed the pandemic and spread the falsehood of the vaccine, delayed its deployment and subsequently plagued logistics difficulties in vast countries.

However, in the country with the second highest number of deaths from COVID-19 in the world (more than 588,000 deaths have been reported so far), when imported jabs arrive and local production begins, Corona Virus vaccination rates are rising and mortality is falling.

In the last three months, the number of Brazilians with at least one jab has almost tripled to cover 67.6% of the population, according to AFP counts. This is slightly higher than 63.4% in the United States and 63.8 in Argentina.

The number of fully vaccinated people is much lower at 36%, which is enough to make Brazil the third most populous country in the world.

When Vaccine supply Although initially uncertain, Brazil decided to focus on giving the first dose to as many people as possible and chose a long interval between the first and second jabs.

“Small flu”

Most of the logistics delivery problems have been resolved through trial and error. Supply concerns are a thing of the past, and Brazil is now producing its own AstraZeneca and Sinovac jabs under license.

“The arrival of the vaccine and a much more stable supply saw an acceleration from May to June,” Jose David Urbaez of the Infectious Diseases Society told AFP.

As a result, the number of deaths per day in June exceeded 2,000, and the number of deaths per day is now less than 600.

Today, Brazil is the fourth highest dosed country after China, India and the United States (total of 214 million doses).

I am taking the third highest dose daily. Last week, I started giving shots to teens, averaging about 1.5 million times a day. People who are prone to becoming severe..

One of the problems the country does not have is skepticism about vaccines. More than 90% of Brazilians want pollsters to have jabs.

Brazil’s recent success, despite the beginning of a chaotic pandemic under Bolsonaro’s leadership, minimized the virus as a “small flu” at its height and fought the blockade. I was questioned. Face mask While extruding unproven drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, he rejected various vaccine offers.

Last December, the president infected with COVID-19 suggested that the Pfizer vaccine could turn people into crocodiles, bear beards on women and femininity on men.

Despite the Governor of São Paulo fighting for approval, he has long sought to undermine the credibility of China’s CoronaVac inoculation.

Is it too late for Bolsonaro?

If the Bolsonaro government, like many other countries, began negotiations with vaccine manufacturers in mid-2020, “by May or June (this year) Brazil would have already vaccinated the target population.” Said Urbaez.

Responding to the Bolsonaro outbreak reduced his popularity to 24%, and regular protest marches contributed to demanding his resignation.

There are dozens of unresolved impeachment bids against him, and the Senate is investigating his government’s pandemic response.

Bolsonaro has also been the subject of several criminal investigations. One of them concerns allegations that the COVID vaccine transaction was based on evidence of corruption.

Bolsonaro, who came to power in 2019, rejected all claims of government corruption and instead accused parliamentary investigations of being politically “rebellious” aimed at removing him from his duties.

He plans to seek reelection in 2022, but worried about his chances, Bolsonaro launched a series of attacks on the judiciary and the very electoral system itself.

“Accelerating vaccinations will have very positive consequences for Brazil, including lower deaths and resumption of economic activity, but it is unlikely to lead to increased popularity,” said political scientist Mauricio Santoro. Said.

Retired Monica de Barros, 57, welcomes her second beneficiary at the Brasilia Health Center vaccination..

“Hundreds of thousands of deaths could have been avoided by more robust and non-denialist actions,” she told AFP.

Brazil orders 100 million doses of Pfizer vaccine

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