Brazen Theft of SFPD Vehicle Ends In Crash at Mission and Duboce

An East Bay man is in custody after the brazen theft of an unmarked police vehicle in Union Square on Thursday, which ultimately led to a SoMa chase and crash in Mission and Duboce.

The incident began on the 200th block of Geary Street near Union Square, where the suspect jumped into an unmarked SFPD-owned SUV and took off at 5:57 p.m. Thursday. As KPIX reportsShe spotted the vehicle minutes later, around 6 p.m. near the intersection of Market and 9th Streets. These officers tried to stop, but the suspect pulled away and a chase ensued.

The SFPD then says they “ended the pursuit” at Mission and South Van Ness, but the SUV was then involved in a collision at Mission Street and Duboce Avenue after apparently running a red light.

A regular at the Crafty Fox bar nearby says the SF standard that he witnessed the accident and ran outside to direct police to the suspect – who he says got out of the vehicle looking bloodied and then tried to hide in a nearby tent. The police quickly arrested him.

Three people in the other vehicle involved in the collision were injured and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Police have identified the suspect as 36-year-old Dublin resident Sidney Hill and he has been charged with theft of a vehicle, possession of stolen property and possession of a controlled substance.

This was the second collision in two days stemming from an SFPD chase on downtown streets. That first appeared on Wednesday following a traffic incident at the marina in which a suspect fired a gun, took off and was then spotted downtown and pursued by police before colliding with another vehicle on Market Street and Front Street.

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Brazen Theft of SFPD Vehicle Ends In Crash at Mission and Duboce Source link Brazen Theft of SFPD Vehicle Ends In Crash at Mission and Duboce

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