Brandon Cuellar found: San Jose police identify suspects who allegedly kidnapped 3-month-old baby from home

SAN JOSE, California (KGO) – San Jose police have identified the three suspects arrested in the kidnapping of 3-month-old Brandon Cuelar. They were identified as 28-year-old Jose Roman Portillo, 43-year-old Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez and 37-year-old Baldomeo Sandoval.

According to the police, the investigation revealed that the suspect who entered the house of San Jose and kidnapped the baby Brandon was Portillo.

During the investigation, detectives learned that before the abduction, Ramirez had done chores with the victim and the victim’s grandmother. As Ramirez’s statement changed many times, detectives arrested her as a person of interest.

Sandoval was identified as another suspect and was also interviewed. Based on their testimonies and the information gathered during the investigation, detectives arrested both Ramirez and Sandoval.

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Three-month-old Brandon Cuellar was found Tuesday morning, almost 24 hours after San Jose police announced they had taken him from his grandmother’s house.

Police were looking for a man who appeared in the surveillance video and it was information that eventually brought Brandon back home.

It was just after 1 a.m. Monday when baby Brandon Cuellar was reported missing.

His grandmother told police he was unloading groceries with the 3-month-old at home.

Asking for help from the public on Monday night, the police released footage of a man with a baby carrier walking carelessly along Elm Street. And in exclusive footage released to ABC7 News, the timestamps reveal the same man leaving, just five minutes later.

“Just then and there, I thought he was the guy,” said neighbor Marc Arce.

Arce’s surveillance camera provided the unique image of the abduction, which played a key role in the police investigation.

“You could just say, when he walked to the house or the apartment, it was light,” Arce described. “And when he had it back, it seemed like there was some weight in there.”

The abduction led to a massive search for the baby involved in the FBI.

Currently, three suspects are in custody with some connection to the family, although the police do not specify.

“There is still a lot for detectives to do,” said SJPD Assist. The police chief told reporters on Tuesday. “So I would not like to give any information that could, you know, hinder this investigation.”

Many thanks to an employee of a nursing home whose facility is located directly opposite a house where Brandon was found.

“One of my employees who works here felt a little suspicious and saw something out of character,” said Chris Martinez, the plant’s business director. His employee did not want to be named and did not want to speak to reporters.

What he saw was a van, a silver 2011 Nissan Quest with a separate sticker on the rear window.

Around 4:50 a.m., the California Highway Patrol posted a photo, description and license plate of the van on Twitter.

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This tweet was later deleted with San Jose police telling ABC7 News that they could not confirm the CHP information.

It remains unknown why the two agencies had a communication disruption.

But the tweet was long enough for this information to come out about the vehicle and it was what led this employee to watch the van.

Martinez was there as soon as the officer called the police and saw what had happened.

“(He saw that something was wrong. He saw the vehicle, he called the San Jose PD,” Martinez said. of the alleged suspect and at that point they broke into the house “.

Maria Alvarado, who also has a 3-month-old child, says she lives right under the house raided by police.

She said in Spanish that she was shocked when she heard so much commotion outside her house and the police. In disbelief that the missing 3 month old baby was so close.

At least two police officers in riot gear stormed a rally on Monday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The police did not explain why the special team was there.

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They say one of the three suspects in custody includes the man seen in this surveillance video. A woman who was with the child’s grandmother before being abducted was also arrested.

Police say the initial investigation shows a link between the family and the suspects.

They say that the investigation into what happened and how the baby spent the last 20 hours continues.

The College Park neighborhood on Elm Street remained virtually motionless Monday night after investigators and police left the apartment where 3-month-old Brandon was abducted.

On Tuesday morning, the neighbors woke up to the much-needed good news that young Brandon was safe.

“As soon as I heard the baby was found, I just cried,” said neighbor Stephanie.

“We were up all night talking about how it happened, refreshing Twitter, right?” said neighbor Kassandra Ramirez. “Well this morning I was just turning on the news and it was good news. I tremble talking about it. Just relieved and overwhelmed for sure with a lot of emotion and happiness.”

Knowing that it was so easy to kidnap the child scared the neighbor Stephanie, a neighbor who did not want to appear on camera.

“When we learned it was a kidnapping of a 3-month-old, I could not have imagined it,” said Stephanie. “My heart was pounding, I was anxious. I just could not keep my mind off it. I went to dinner, I still could not keep my mind off it because a baby was missing.”

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From sadness and fear to excitement and relief, as the neighbors were overjoyed to hear the baby return with his family once again.

“It’s a great relief for mom, for the family,” said neighbor Leandra Duran.

“Welcome home baby Brandon!” said Ramirez.

Other neighbors are still trying to understand the abduction, which they say seems targeted.

“When they said they had a baby, it was very difficult for me. Because I have a lot of grandchildren and a lot of great-grandchildren,” said the downstairs neighbor, who asked to be identified only as Elba.

She added that every aspect of the case has moved her.

“Who could come to your house with a small crib to carry this baby?” Elba asked, “Who could be so bold? Who could be so ugly?”

Baby Brandon is now safe with his family, who told police they wanted their privacy and did not speak at this time.

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