Bradley Cooper to Irina Shayk: Please Dump Kanye For Our Daughter’s Sake!

I certainly couldn’t believe it at first, but at this point I can’t deny it. Kanye West is dating Irina Shayk..

Yes, only 4 months Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from KanyeHowever, the eccentric rapper seems to be moving at lightning speed.

Kanye and Irina flew to France together this week, and spectators say they canoodling all over Provence.

Obviously, these two don’t care if the whole world knows they are in a relationship.

We are happy with them and everyone, but we can see how difficult this is for their exe.

Oddly, Kim seems completely cool to the situation.

In fact, earlier this week she posted a retrospective photo and screamed Kanye for her birthday.

Irina’s baby dad, Bradley Cooper, is a little uncool about the situation-and of course.

Bradley and Irina share a 4-year-old daughter named Lee.

The couple took different paths in 2019, but insiders say they have maintained a friendly co-parenting relationship ever since.

In addition to his fear of West’s volatile behavior, Cooper is well aware that Kanye’s post-Kim attention is certain to catch the media’s attention.

Obviously, Bradley and Irina are both famous in their own right, but they have made great efforts to keep them unobtrusive and keep their personal lives private.

Now it seems that Kanye’s presence has quickly canceled all that hard work.

Not surprisingly, B-Coop is thrilled with the idea that his very young daughter spends a lot of time on a long, well-documented history of mental and emotional instability. Is not …

“[Bradley is] A close source told In Touch that she was very protective of her daughter, adding that Copper wanted the relationship to “disappear quickly.”

Bradley seems to be very aware that even if Kanye leaves his wild path behind him, the poor relationship Lee will be cornered non-stop by the paparazzi.

“It’s just a matter of time [all of the hype] It’s full of my daughter Lee’s life, “says the insider.

“Bradley is pleased that Irina is dating,” sources say.

“What he is dissatisfied with WHO She is dating He hates all the publicity she’s getting and will continue to get it as she’s with Kanye now. “

After decades of fame, Cooper is well aware of how aggressive the press can be in the romance situation of A-list celebrities.

“Bradley knows better than anyone how celebrity romance is completely out of control. His friendship with Lady Gaga is a perfect example,” sources say.

“Bradley was already worried that Lee would be recognized and labeled as the daughter of him and Irina. But now in Kanye, it’s a completely different level of celebrity. He I don’t want it for Lee. “

Irina is of Russian descent and spends a lot of time in Europe.

Nevertheless, Cooper plays a very active role in his daughter’s life, and Lee’s life is so volatile that he seems to be planning to get more involved.

According to insiders, Cooper was “already a very practical parent of Lee,” and now “he intends to further strengthen it.”

Rappers are open to fighting mental illness, so we strive to be as compassionate as possible in Kanye’s coverage.

It’s true that Bradley doesn’t think Kanye is a bad guy, but it’s not hard to understand why he’s so worried about his daughter’s welfare these days.

Perhaps the best thing for everyone is if Kanye spends some time on herself before plunging into another serious relationship.

Bradley Cooper to Irina Shayk: Please Dump Kanye For Our Daughter’s Sake! Source link Bradley Cooper to Irina Shayk: Please Dump Kanye For Our Daughter’s Sake!

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