Boxer Rigo Avila fights to expand AVILA Victory Boxing gym

From a distance sounds of jumping rope are heard against the pavement. The clicks only get louder as you approach Rigo Ávila’s garage.

More than a dozen children seek air and quickly wipe the sweat from their eyebrows. They are focused on the laser during the warm-up of the rope at AVILA Victory Boxing.

Avila started the Monterey County nonprofit organization three years ago to avoid trouble for the Greenfield youth.

“Growing up in a small town with limited resources makes it easy to get into trouble with the law,” Avila said. “I wanted to create something that would give youth a different choice rather than the wings we were limited to.”

AVILA Victory Boxing is a year-round program that offers children and teens the opportunity to develop new skills through boxing and training. Avila hopes to attract new funding and community support to grow its nonprofit organization.

Rigo Avila, founder of AVILA Victory Boxing, is touring more than a dozen children of all ages training in Greenfield on May 4th. AVILA Victory Boxing’s mission is to build, promote and foster a positive outlook through physical training programs for all youth and adults in the south of the county. , mainly in Greenfield.

Overcoming “street pressure”

Avila grew up in Greenfield and was harassed at a young age. He said he found security in a punching bag his mother got him.

School bullying came to Ávila in different ways: verbal and physical. He hit the punching bag, imitating boxing legends Julio César Chávez and Oscar De La Hoya.

“Street pressure is hard for a child when your parents are farm workers and work long hours,” Avila said. “Sometimes it wasn’t easy to find guidance.”

Boxer Rigo Avila fights to expand AVILA Victory Boxing gym Source link Boxer Rigo Avila fights to expand AVILA Victory Boxing gym

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