Bobcats’ new-look offense taking form after season of change

After Texas’s March 24 training session, head coach Jake Spavital and junior quarterback Brady McBride met to discuss McBride’s future with the team.

Spavital kept the details of the conversation to himself, but said it ended with a mutual understanding that it would be best for the general to enter the transfer gate. At 5:12 p.m. that day, McBride announced his decision on Twitter, thanking his coaches, coaches and teammates.

“I enjoyed my time here in Texas, but I will go ahead and enter the transfer window with 2 years (eligibility) left,” McBride tweeted. “I’m excited about my next chapter and I look forward to seeing what it’s all about. Thank you and God bless. “

In McBride’s absence now, however, he leaves second-year student in red T-shirts Tai Evans and second-round Tanner Pruitt as the team’s longest-serving callers – none of whom have folded in the game since joining the Bobcas.

However, Spavital was not entirely unexpected. The head coach knew that McBride’s departure was always a possibility and made sure to have contingency plans in place if they did, bringing Lane Hatcher to Arkansas in December and Dillon Markiewicz to Syracuse.

“You have to bring in as many children as you can, especially today,” Spavital said after training on Tuesday. “You have to try to keep the competition as high as you can and we are still looking at the plan to bring in more generals. You know, that’s the plan anyway. So that’s just not the case for me. “Just as a coaching staff, you know, you have to prepare for the worst.”

McBride’s departure was the latest for a major offense that has changed dramatically throughout this off-season. Earlier this year, attacking coordinator Jacob Peeler was hired as a wide-ranging coach at Mizzou, backstroke coordinator and special teams coordinator Nick Whitworth was hired as a close-up coach at Washington State. position with the USFL New Orleans Breakers.

Spavital has filled the vacancies in recent months, although he deliberately left open the position of attack coordinator. As a team player for the last two seasons, Spavital plans to handle most of these tasks on his own. What it can not do, the rest of the staff can take on a committee.

“The titles always become interesting. “You know, securities are more about contract trading than anything else,” Spavital said. “But at the end of the day, I’m the one who calls the projects and I’re the one who writes the scripts and coordinates them. Well, I have some guys who have had opportunities to go and maybe then negotiate for facilitator titles… And our kids, they do not know anything different because at the end of the day, I’m the one who has always dealt with the insult, talked to them and chairs the meeting. So all they have is just a different person in the boardroom sometimes. “

Spavital said he wants his assistants to be flexible enough to train many positions. For example, he usually wants his coach to be the “next rising” offensive coach. When Turner left, Brian Hamilton – who coached in 2020 and ’21 – was promoted to O-line coach. Spavital has hired Boone Feldt, a 2019 graduate assistant on the team and former O-line coach at UT-Permian Basin, as a full-time staff member to fill the gap.

Chris Buckner has been hired as an outsider after spending the last two seasons as a coach at Sam Houston State. He will be joined by home receiver coach Bryson Abraham, who has been on the staff since 2019. Spavital also brought in former Eastern Michigan radio receiver coach RJ Fleming to coach the Bobcats running back.

“The way I’ve been taught how to do your staff is that you really have three guys who are always stacked on top of each other in specific positions – you know, really apart from the generals,” Spavital said. “Well, I have kids who can train backstroke, tight limbs and receivers all together, they meet in the same room. I have kids who can train closed limbs, back runs and also the offensive line all in the same room. So we should all be on the same page with this.

“I think our staff is probably as close as ever.”

The State of Texas has added 13 recruits to its 2022 roster so far – two real freshmen and 11 transfers. Of the 13, eight will qualify for the attack: Hatcher, Markiewicz, Joshua Berry run back, side receiver Demarcus Gregory, close Donavon Johnson and strikers David Hensley, Evan Lovell and Richard.

The coach will bring even more new faces. Spavital said there are “five or six” players who have been verbally committed but cannot formally join the roster until the scholarships open after graduation in the spring. It will also have a clearer picture of who is on the transfer window after May 1st, the last day for athletes to add their names, while retaining their fitness for the fall season.

The crimson and gold will reveal the new appearance attack in the spring match of the 2022 team next Saturday, April 9, at 11:30 a.m. inside the Bobcat Stadium. But even the offensive unit that will be lined up in battle will not be the same as the one that suits for the start of the season.

“We are always looking for developmental types. “I feel we have a pretty good, experienced team right now and we’re looking for kids to fill in the gaps,” Spavital said. “We’re always looking for boys, you know, especially for kids with years and high school kids and college kids for years or transfers for years. “Because that’s how you have to build a roster today.”

Bobcats’ new-look offense taking form after season of change Source link Bobcats’ new-look offense taking form after season of change

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