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Beginner African, Afro-Latino and African-American beauty experts are on trend on social media. Although they often get the short end of the stick financially due to old-fashioned racism, these make-up artists go viral with their revolutionary fashion tips.

Apparently they stick to the saying – “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” – because they have turned these lemons of racism into countless things that work.

Here are some makeup artists and influential people to follow because their tips are in place and the trends to look out for in 2022.

JaiDoesIt (joyceomolo.tumblr.com)

1)Kay NgonyamaKay is a South African-based professional make-up artist, beauty content creator, YouTuber and influential person. Follow her on her platforms to keep up with her work.

2)Vanessa GuillaumeVanessa is a published professional make-up artist and beauty content creator.

3)Lord MbahNigeria-based make-up artist and rising beauty creator who offers lessons for those who want to learn her technique.

4)Ohima BonsuBeauty content creator and influential person who offers lessons through his YouTube channel.

5) Bhoney – Creator of content for lifestyle and beauty.

6) JaiDoesIt – Jai is a self-taught makeup enthusiast and beauty content creator and she learns every day and loves to teach.


Bejeweled Eyes – Thanks (or not) to HBO’s Euphoria for giving the world this beauty idea.

Lips with high gloss – if they are not shiny, they are not in trend. Don’t believe me, just see Make Up ByMarioto catch on and be in the trend.

Soft Sculpting – the word is “contour”, which makes all the difference between real-life brilliance and camera-ready brilliance.

Kitten Eyeliner – the heavy tails and the eyeliner are gone. To get a natural lift – think

weaker tails with fine movement.

Raised eyebrows – the laminated look of the eyebrows stays here because they open the eyes and are

flattering, but the trend is towards a softer form of lamination or soapy forehead, which has maximum vertical hairs along the entire eyebrow, which lie quite flat and can look two-dimensional.

Applying blush – the place where you apply blush can change the shape of your face. The blush has gone a little lower, which gives a more natural and fresh look. This works with all types of blush choices.

Multifunctional color cosmetics – the movement for pure beauty does not give up. For this purpose, there are more color formulas for foundation, eye makeup, blush, lips and even nails, which include healing ingredients, as consumers want to treat their skin 24/7. Pure beauty can stay here.

Black Makeup Gurus and Trends for 2022 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Black Makeup Gurus and Trends for 2022 – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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