Blac Chyna Accused of Drug-Fueled Knife Attack on Tyga During Kardashians Lawsuit

Those of us who have followed the legal battle between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have heard many alarming allegations.

Even Chyna did not deny showing a gun to Robin’s head or wrapped the phone cord around his neck, claiming that these were playful moments.

The Kardashians and Jenners have pondered their experiences with Rob’s ex.

According to the villages, Tyga had a huge scar during their relationship as Chyna sliced ​​her open with a knife.

On Monday, April 25, Kylie Jenner took a stand in the ongoing legal battle between Blac Chyna and her family.

Chyna’s lawyer ousted the Villages at the Witness Department.

While there are many material issues – including alleged damage to her home – Kylie was asked about her relationship with Chyna.

Kylie testified that she would never really consider Chya a close friend, even if things were relatively good.

However, he remembered his conversation with Tyga.

Tyga is the infamous exa of the Villages and has previously had a child with Chyna.

According to the villages, Tiga once had a six-inch scar on his arm.

He told Kyli that Chyna had caused him a knife wound.

Kylie testified that Tyga told her that Chyna was abusing both drugs and alcohol, fueling a violent and damaging attack.

As the interrogation continued, Kylie added that she had shared her concerns about Chyna with Robin, her older brother.

However, Rob told him he was going to continue Chyna’s date.

Kylie testified, “I felt it was my duty to express my concern, but in the end it was up to her.”

Also during the same consultation TMZ stated that Kyli was asked if Chyna really thought she loved Rob or if her interest in her was fake.

“I just felt like maybe having a date with her child’s father had something to do with it,” she said under oath.

When Kylie was asked if she believed Chyna might have been dating Robin about her hostility, she replied, “Maybe.”

It’s not shocking to hear that Chyna may have had strong, negative feelings about Tyga moving in with her to Kylie Jenner.

But Kylie was a teenager – and a minor – when she started dating a famous foot fetishist and rapper.

If someone deserved Chyna’s anger, it would certainly be an adult adult man and not a high school student … but that’s only true if Chyna is a rational individual.

The story of Tyga’s injury is hearsay, and Tyga herself may have to confirm that what he told Kyli years ago is true in order for it to carry weight.

Apparently people sometimes lie about the origins of scars, but would like no one to come up with a story about domestic violence.

It is at least worrying to hear two different men – Robin and allegedly Tygan – describe Chyna’s intimate partner violence.

Additional documents from the trial show that the Kardashians are asking the court to dismiss part of the lawsuit before it goes to the jury.

Their legal team claims that Chyna, which is demanding tens of millions of “financial” and “emotional” distress damages from them.

The Kardashians say that since his legal team has not even tried to present a testimony or evidence, this part of the lawsuit should be dismissed in its entirety.

Blac Chyna Accused of Drug-Fueled Knife Attack on Tyga During Kardashians Lawsuit Source link Blac Chyna Accused of Drug-Fueled Knife Attack on Tyga During Kardashians Lawsuit

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