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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on July 23, 2021. Interesting week For those who are loyal to the code. One of the eye-catching news came from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Become the “most” of the company’s future.. In his view, it is the “home currency” of the Internet. A little? I think I chose a more modern chain, but I’m the only one. — — Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • India’s IPO is a success: After many sales and waits, Zomato IPO has made a big difference in India. The share of food delivery unicorns has skyrocketed, demonstrating the successful emergence of growth-oriented unicorns. For other high value Indian unicorns, that’s the best news you can imagine. Please give me more.
  • Snap is almost dead: What’s lost in all of Facebook and TikTok is the fact that Snap is still expanding its user base (partial) and revenue scale (details). The company is still consuming cash and the cost of equity-based compensation is enormous, but reports growth that pleases investors. So that share went up.
  • China cracks down on educational technology: Climate change for Chinese start-ups and tech giants has added a new twist this week when the news was reported that the Chinese Communist Party could force domestic leaders into non-profit. It hit a lot of stocks, and we think it was a pretty bad day for the country’s larger edtech ventures and startup ecosystem.

Startup / VC

  • Paystand is building Venmo for businesses: Want to send a lump of cash as a company? The process is the worst. Fortunately, Paystand has raised $ 50 million to work on this issue. TechCrunch Kristin Hall Daily Crunch said the company chose the round because it “not only uses business-to-business payment space, but also uses blockchain technology as its engine.”
  • Former Minter wants to be king: This is the first reading of the startup Monarch, founded by Val Agostino, the first PM of What does Monarch do? Help people manage their financial futures. Sure, other companies do that, but most of them are garbage. Have you recently used the Fidelity website?
  • Lucid Motors Discovers Demo WeaknessesCracy: EV companies had to extend the voting deadline to approve SPAC transactions after a sufficient number of people did not vote. According to TechCrunch, “the problem arose on Thursday and shareholders voted to approve all but one of the proposals as part of the merger.” That particular item required more votes. Anyway, now I have the right to vote and it will be open to the public.
  • And if you want to know What happened to Duolingo IPO, The equity team has covered you.

Susan Sue on how startups approach growth as they pull up each round

If you are systematic in your approach to building a larger customer base, it’s not difficult to drive steady growth.

Marketers who shift in the direction of the wind, or who blindly follow someone else’s best practice ideas, are less likely to succeed.

“The less secret secret here is that the key to good retention is really simple,” growth expert Susan Sue recently said at TechCrunch Early Stage: Marketing and Fundraising.

“It’s about building products that solve problems that are realistic and especially permanent for people.”

In a conversation with Editor-in-Chief Eric Eldon, Sue delved into several issues, including tips on how founders can discuss growth with investors and how to develop a sample qualitative growth model. ..

“I firmly believe that all founders should go for growth,” Sue said.

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Big Tech Co., Ltd.

  • GM remembers Bolt. again: If you own a bolt from 2017 to 2019, it may catch fire. Therefore, you need to participate in the current recall. Hurry up and add what happened first since November 2020. Still, the news emphasizes that EV technology is maturing. Even if previous attempts with such vehicles were on a struggle bus.
  • Taboola goes shopping: Taboola announced that it will acquire a new combination of SPACs, Connexity, a marketing technology company that operates an advertising network focused on retail and e-commerce, for $ 800 million. If you are in public, you can do this more easily. In other words, buy things. The share of online drainage providers has skyrocketed in today’s transactions.
  • People who are still using Tumblr aren’t excited about Tumblr’s desire for the future. A few days ago, Daily Crunch was generally positive about Tumblr’s move to introduce paywalls to creators who wanted them. Position a venerable company towards a fast-growing creator economy and help people earn a few dollars. Well, the user is angry. This is a bit of a standard Internet mess, but it doesn’t reduce the mess.

TechCrunch Experts: Growth Marketing

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Marketer: Jonathan Metric, Portage Ventures

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customer’s voice: “Jonathan has made a real difference with Policygenius. Before he arrived, we were wise but disjointed in marketing. Our message is inconsistent and channel Our approach to understanding effectiveness was weaker than before. Jonathan brought the idea of ​​growth to the team and built a very effective organization in a short period of time. “

Bitcoin ‘is a big part of our future,’ says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – TechCrunch Source link Bitcoin ‘is a big part of our future,’ says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – TechCrunch

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