Bitcoin (Digital Gold) vs. Ethereum (Digital Services): Crypto Expert’s Take

Welcome to the third part of my “Ask the Crypto Expert” series starring my crypto guy, Ian King of Banyan Hill.

Over the past few weeks, we have discussed various ways to invest in cryptocurrencies and the future of Atherium.

But what about the past? How did Ian get interested in this new and exciting type of property?

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Today we dive deeper into Ian’s background, putting Bitcoin in front of Atherium and talking about how you can earn solid annual returns in the crypto space.

Let’s get into this.

note: This transcript includes part of my interview with Ian. You can see our entire conversation above. Looking for our previous discussions? Part one here. Part two is already here.

The beginning of Ian King’s crypto

A person: I want to take a step back and let people know a little more about your background. You have been in the traditional finance and investment field for quite some time.

How did you come up with traditional funding?and What are some of the things you did in your previous career?

Ian: I started my career, oh boy, 25 years ago with the Solomon Brothers in fixed interest trading. I was a counter clerk who just checked orders. So Solomon was a meritocracy.

I advanced to the top. I hurried. I got to work early, I stayed up late. After a few years, I was promoted to the position of Junior Trader Analyst.

I left because I felt I needed to take more risks in my life. I became an accessories trader on Wall Street, a stock trader.

Then I went on to set up a small hedge fund that was very successful, enough to take some time off the markets after the financial crisis.

I started investing in a venture. I looked at early-stage companies and innovative technologies. My focus was on electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Bitcoin came about in 2011. My history with cryptocurrencies made me skeptical about Bitcoin at first … because it was quite like the digital currency of libertarians, right?

A lot of gold buggies were in Bitcoin back then. I did not think it had any resilience in the real world, given the time we were there.

Ethereum arrived in 2014. So my interest really piqued in Cryptos. With Atherium, you had crypto, a programmable currency.

This will allow for all types of autonomous smart contracts. This is what we are seeing now in the crypto markets.

The big idea is the ability to program something of digital value that can work on its own.

The owner of all the gold in the world or the owner of the World Wide Web?

A person: It sounds to me that when you say programmable, Atherium is more of a software ecosystem than a strict currency. Would you say it’s fair?

Ian: Yes, think of it this way. Bitcoin is digital gold. Ethereum is a new way to run the Internet and digital services.

Do you prefer to hold all the gold in the world or hold on to the internet?

For me, owning the internet and all digital services is more valuable than owning gold.

Which is why I think Atherium, and other Tier 1 currencies that allow for smart contracts, are the better bet in the crypto markets.

A person: It’s interesting because I know a lot of people have a superficial understanding of crypto and consider Bitcoin and Etherium the same thing.

The theory behind Bitcoin is based on scarcity. There is a definite number of Bitcoin that exists now and exists in the future.

This shortage, in the currency arena, means that it can not get depreciated as a Fiat currency can.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have an expandable atrium. It’s not necessarily a scarce spectacle, but it’s the expanding capacity of the ecosystem.

It has to do with adoption and some developers are starting to build on the Atherium platform. Would you say that is true?

The wide end of Ethereum

Ian: Yes it’s yes.

Coins that are naturally deflationary have not worked either, because you want something that grows with the coins economy. Fiat currencies have worked so far because they have expanded as the economy has grown.

As you see the market for distributed digital services continue to grow, you want something that expands.

Now, you do not want something that expands too much. And you do not want a centralized structure where a central bank simply prints more money every time things go wrong.

This is not how many of these protocols are defined.

I also want to point out that not every crypto is an extender. Many of them have hard hats in a certain supply.

Many of them probably have maybe 60% of the offering so far, and you have another 40% coming.

You brought the bitcoin. It has a total supply ceiling of 21 million. There are about 19 million in circulation at the moment. From now until I think, 2150, they will still be producing Bitcoin on a daily basis.

But the number of Bitcoin decreases over time in terms of blocking rewards for miners.

A person: interesting. OK.

Own to Earn: What Does Proof of Bet Mean

A person: You say you have proven the bet with ethereum, as long as I own ethereum – I can close it with a protocol that shows I am willing to verify these transactions.

I can only earn prizes by owning Atherium. is it true?

Ian: Right. We are now looking at 10% to 15% annual returns on the bet on Atherium.

A person: If you think of it as a return, like a stock that pays a dividend or a bond, are you talking about an annual return of 10% to 15% by holding atrium?

Ian: There is now a net test version of what ethereum is about to become in the end. Early users now see returns of 10% to 15%.

The numbers may change as you begin to flood this market. Only about 10% of the sites are currently owned by the test network.

In June, what’s going to happen is that the existing job-proof network merges with this test network. This will move him to prove a bet from proof of work right now.

A person: Obviously. It’s all happening this summer.

This is the third part of my interview with my good friend and crypto expert, Ian King.

Ian is excited about the future of Atherium and other crypto.

And if you’re looking to get into this asset class before it becomes even more established, there is no better guide than Ian.

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Adam Odell

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Bitcoin (Digital Gold) vs. Ethereum (Digital Services): Crypto Expert’s Take Source link Bitcoin (Digital Gold) vs. Ethereum (Digital Services): Crypto Expert’s Take

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