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Paul Leblanc, CNN

NS Highly deliberated bipartisan infrastructure bill Entering an important week at Capitol Hill, lawmakers are optimistic this week, and in some cases Monday, ahead of the possibility of procedural voting.

However, three sources familiar with the matter said the weekend talks had not yet reached an agreement by the end of Sunday, but major issues remained.

Democratic negotiators, including the White House, sent Republicans “a global offer to complete all major open items” on Sunday night, Democrats close to talks told CNN. rice field.

The proposal includes funding highways and bridges, funding water systems, general wage laws, the use of unused Covid-19 funding as a means of financing the bill, infrastructure banks, and transportation. It contained major open issues, such as funding for.

Ten key negotiators plan to meet on Monday to get the deliberations back on track. It is not yet known if the Republicans will return with a counter-proposal.

Democratic Senator Mark Warner, one of the negotiators working on a bipartisan agreement, said, “We’re working on the last few things. I think the bill will come out on Monday afternoon. “. Fox news Sunday..

The current status of Capitol Hill is as follows.

The point of commitment approaches greatly

In addition, Senators and the White House are at odds with $ 12 billion worth of broadband provisions, one source familiar with the matter told CNN. Also, cost estimates from the Congressional Budget Office suggest that the bill has not been fully paid as originally predicted. It will force the negotiators to scramble to make up for the lack of funds.

The sparse position is after the key members are expected to consult with the relevant committees on Sunday to resolve the last-minute issues and make the key chair feel folded. This was seen as an important step given the fact that some chairs and ranking members, such as Delaware Democratic Senator Tom Carper, opposed some of the bipartisan proposals.

Mr Carper said last week he was seriously concerned that some of his water bills were not well funded in a bipartisan framework.

As a sign of how closely the White House is monitoring progress, President Joe Biden called lawmakers several times on Sunday and negotiators tried to close the deal, officials said. Told CNN. Biden continued to be informed by staff working on open issues during his weekend in Wilmington, Delaware. He returned to Washington on Sunday earlier than originally planned.

Attention from the White House highlights how important the next procedural vote is after last week the Republican Senator blocked a vote to start a debate on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. The vote was 49-51, Less than 60 votes required to advance the bill..

A group of 22 Democratic and Republican senators has since “approaching a final agreement,” “strengthening US infrastructure and the next few days.”

But the days since then have led to more scrutiny from members outside the negotiator’s group, including Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, who warned on Sunday of treating federal funds as “monopoly money.” rice field.

“A very very important category for me is how all of this is paid,” a top Republican member of the Senate Banking Commission told CNN’s Jake Tapper:Trade union status.. “

“Now we’re talking about an additional $ 600 billion in addition to regular spending …. This is completely out of control. Some people think it’s Monopoly money, but it’s not, Jake. And I’m worried. I think the way we should pay for this increase in infrastructure spending is to divert money that we have already approved but haven’t gone out yet. “

The total cost of the proposed transaction announced last month was $ 1.2 trillion over eight years, with new spending of $ 579 billion. Fact sheet provided by White House.

Legislators claim the bill is within reach

Despite the vigorous negotiations, lawmakers from both parties announced on Sunday that the deal was imminent.

Republican Senator Rob Portman, a key negotiator for bipartisan infrastructure trading, said he was optimistic that the group would reach the deal this week. ABC news, “We are about 90% of the way to that point.”

“I’m happy to get it done this week,” said a Republican Ohio.

The message was repeated by Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo. CBS News The negotiator was “very close” to the deal on Sunday.

“We’re in the final stages and it’s the final day. We’re optimistic and we interact with the Senator many times every day. We really feel good about it,” she said.

Bipartisan efforts are part of a two-track strategy to advance the White House’s radical economic agenda, as it continues to lay the groundwork for Democrats to move forward. $ 3.5 trillion package Expansion of social safety net.

The Democratic Party’s bill, which wants to go through a budget process called a settlement, is for the Democratic Party to go through measures such as increasing child tax deductions, providing paid medical and family leave, and even reviewing the national immigration system. It is expected to be ready for. The bill will also include changes to US tax law.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi repetition On Sunday, she said she wouldn’t submit a $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill to the House of Representatives unless a larger $ 3.5 trillion budget adjustment bill passed the Senate.

“I won’t put it on the floor unless there’s an initiative left,” Pelosi said. ABC news..

“So I’m keen on the fact that they have a bipartisan bill. I hope it will be soon. But yes, I want the president to have a bipartisan bill. I will wait because of the fact that I said, and we all do, “she continued. “But that’s not a limitation of the president’s vision. He wants to remake it better. He also wants to do so in a way that involves more people in the prosperity of our country. . “

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CNN’s Manu Raju, Katie Lobosco and Tami Luhby contributed to this report.

Bipartisan infrastructure deal enters critical week in Congress with major sticking points unresolved – KION546 Source link Bipartisan infrastructure deal enters critical week in Congress with major sticking points unresolved – KION546

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