Biles’ decision puts spotlight on mental health

Milwaukee — Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles said she had withdrawn from the Olympic women’s overall competition due to mental health concerns.

Recently retired top gymnast and proud Milwaukee-born Marvin Kimble (the city skyline is tattooed on his forearm) told TMJ4 News about his reaction to the bile decision.

“I understand that, I was talking to some of my national team members,” Kimble said. “And they know this makes sense. This was what she needed, just as she needed a little break to get herself back and gather herself. Thing.”


Biles withdrew from all-around, saying, “Her heart wasn’t there,” because of stress.

Kim, now retired at the age of 25, has been a member of the US national team for many years and competed in the 2017 World Championships.

He remembered his own struggle with mental health while fighting for the spot of the 2018 World Championship team.

“I was doing well and had a mental weakness,” Kimble said. “I was crying, I was so surprised in my head that I didn’t know what to say, so I couldn’t say anything to anyone.”

According to a non-profit organization Athletes for hope, Up to 35% of professional athletes suffer from mental health crises, which can lead to stress, eating disorders, depression and anxiety.

In 2018, gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps campaigned to raise awareness of mental health. And the conversation continues to grow.

Dr. Mona Arbinen Burrow, associate professor of sports and performance psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, said:

Dr. Arvinen-Barrow believes that Biles’ all-round moment (prioritizing mental health rather than competing) is based on the move to “prioritize athletes’ well-being over performance results.” increase.

“she [Biles] It has a lot of influence, and probably more than she knows, “says Dr. Arvinen-Barrow.

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Dr. Arvinen-Barrow also said that the science behind high performance has already been directed towards rest and recovery, as it has been proven to generate medals compared to the old approach of competing at all costs. I said there is.

Marvin Kimble has retired from competition, but continues to live in gymnastics as a coach for young athletes.

“You want your heart for the rest of your life, so you now have a clear heart that you know,” Kimble said.

He eventually turned to meditation to deal with the stress of being a world-class athlete.

“Meditation is the key. Meditation has helped me a lot.”

Bruce Harrison of TMJ4 first reported this story.

Biles’ decision puts spotlight on mental health Source link Biles’ decision puts spotlight on mental health

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