Big powers’ tech security blanket

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The United Kingdom is currently joining the United States and China as countries expressing suspicious concerns about national security threats from foreign technologies.

It has always been difficult to understand the Trump administration’s obsession, for example, what ByteDance’s TikTok video app looks like. May be weakened American defense. Beijing alert last week Diddy’s data, which is extremely important to foreign powers, seems to be exaggerated over China’s ride-haling app.

Obviously, much more is involved here in terms of terms of trade, technological dominance, financial market dominance, and old-fashioned geopolitical tensions.

However, the British government Investigate for national security reasonsIs a little worried about the acquisition of China’s largest silicon wafer manufacturer in the country.

As Louise Lucas points out Newport Wafer Fab becomes small french fries as the chip factory progresses. It produces 200mm wafers that are less cost effective than Intel, Samsung and TSMC in the world and lacks state-of-the-art technology.

Back before Didi, This FT scoop reveals Chinese internet regulators have requested multiple changes to Diddy’s app mapping capabilities before listing on the United States.

In the US, Chinese fitness apps, podcasting platforms and medical technology companies are all Pulled their New York IPO When regulators return home, they are under pressure to go public. Rex says Beijing has indicated that companies want to be listed on mainland exchanges such as Shanghai’s Star Market, under companies such as Alibaba by curbing or closing loopholes in offshore ownership. You can even pull the rug from.

Shanghai may be the future, but today Hong Kong was suffering — The Hang Seng Index has been lowered to its lowest level this year due to a fall in Chinese tech stocks as investors have digested the impact of regulatory crackdowns.

Internet of Things (5)

1. Diamond trading circle
Circle, the US fintech behind USDCoin’s stablecoin List on Wall Street Through a contract with a blank check company chaired by former Barclays chief Bob Diamond. Circle said the deal would bring $ 4.5 billion in corporate value.Founder of Buzzfeed, Jonah Peretti promised to adopt more fiscal discipline as him Presented his plan to FT After he publishes the company via Spac, he integrates the digital media industry.

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2. Food glorious food
Food delivery group Deliveroo have Improve sales growth Predicting, he warned that margins would be the lower end of guidance earlier this year as Covid-19 restrictions are preparing to end in the UK. In india Zomato Announced Initial public offering of $ 1.25 billion Next week, we tried to take advantage of the surge in food order demand.Founder of grocery app in the US Instacart is Get aside Become an executive chair and Facebook executive Fidji Simo will replace the CEO.

3. Google doesn’t work — US states
US antitrust law enforcement agencies have launched their first challenge to mobile app stores. Google accuses developers of overcharging developers Those who sell at the Play Store. The complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco is led by Utah and includes 35 other US states and the District of Columbia. Google has accused it of “illegally curbing trade and maintaining monopoly.”

4. Second quarter unicorn stampede
The number of start-ups worth more than $ 1 billion increased rapidly in the second quarter as venture capitalists expanded the scale and pace of their investments following the listing of several blockbusters in the United States.Private Investors Assigned $ 1 Billion Valuation Record 136 start-ups Globally between April and June, it exceeded last year’s total, according to CB Insights. Richard Waters Comments The emergence of a new private financial system from the old VC model.

A vertical bar chart of the number of private sector companies worth over $ 1 billion for the first time, quarterly showing the unicorn population explosion

5. When a big date keeps you standing
Dating apps mean meeting new people has never been easier, but they also seem to foster a culture of harassment and contempt. Elaine Moore writes In her review of two new books on online dating games.

The percentage of US online dating users who say bar charts, dating sites and apps ... is very common.

Transfer from Sifted — European Startup Week

Nikolay Storonski, Founder and CEO RevolutIs one of the most famous faces in European technology. He has built $ 5.5 billion in FinTech, boasts 15 million clients in more than 30 countries, and is slowly moving towards profitability. But Stronsky hasn’t built Revolut alone in the last six years. Among his 2,000 employees is a small team of trusted individuals entrusted by Stronsky to help grow the business.Who The power behind the throne of Revolut??

Other European starters News, Gopuff, US distribution apps, Late negotiations to buy Dija, Based in London Start of 10-minute grocery deliveryAccording to the two people who are close to the meeting.It will be another important thing in fashion now Fast grocery sector..Elsewhere, London’s FinTech Wise Direct listing of £ 8 billion; A few European SPAC Higher than Tesla, the French government Develop yet another initiative In the quest to become Europe’s most startup-friendly country.

Technical Tools — Brickit Lego App

Brigid It will help you make more use of Lego to create something you probably never imagined.The· Free iOS app It works by scanning the laid out bricks and generating ideas for the objects to build from the inventory. It also describes how to build them. This is not an official Lego app, but it is an app created by fans, as the photos of the fans’ work in the gallery show.

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Big powers’ tech security blanket Source link Big powers’ tech security blanket

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