Big Brother Recap: Who Did Xavier Nominate for Eviction?

Xavier was in power, so I really didn’t know how it would work.

He was probably one of the finest house guests, so it seemed like he had trouble getting certain people into the block.

At the beginning of Sunday’s nominated episode, he made it clear that he had plans.

Brent was the target, and it was another refreshing choice.

Jock usually steam rolls the game, but could get rid of the second game this season.

Targeting Brent also meant saying goodbye to a third male house guest.

Yes, women are not targeted, and it was a great change in pace.

Xavier’s biggest drawback is that he is in line with everyone in the house, but he was wise about not immediately promising safety.

It dunked the French game, so there had to be a way for him to bounce off if his plans were blown to his face.

Brent wasn’t wise about being a target either, so it became even more comical.

Brent has rubbed everyone in the house the wrong way and declared himself essentially a gift of God to women.

Both Hannah and Alyssa were stunned by the way he spoke to them. He is quite nauseous, and the sooner he leaves, the better.

There was a wildcard contest before Xavier and many other house guests got hope.

Eventually, Britini, Tiffany, and Derek X played. X said they would throw it at Tiffany, so they had to work together to get rid of Britini first.

It was a daunting task, and Britini was visibly frustrated when she realized they were both targeting her.

Tiffany won the competition because Brittini was eliminated and then Derek X was eliminated.


Save each member of the other three teams. Tiffany declined, knowing that this could complicate plans to get rid of Brent.

In doing so, she showed her card and proved that she was working with Xavier. Because she had to give up her safety for the week as well.

Knowing that something was happening, Aza asked Xavier why Brittini was the target of the competition.

Xavier laid out his card and Britini told her she had to go to the block with Brent.

Aza supported Britini last week when she was in the block and thought that Britini was too much to rise again.

Aza then told Xavier to nominate her as a pawn if she didn’t want to nominate Whitney.

Xavier was stunned, but in the end he went with Brent and Britini.

You ’re a shocker, right?

Brent still has a chance to save himself with a veto.

Big Brother will continue on Wednesday 8 / 7c.

Big Brother Recap: Who Did Xavier Nominate for Eviction? Source link Big Brother Recap: Who Did Xavier Nominate for Eviction?

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