Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a ‘real shooting war’

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US President Joe Biden warned that cyberattacks could escalate into a full-scale war as tensions between Russia and China increase as US soil hacks escalate.

Biden said in a speech Tuesday that cyber threats, including ransomware attacks, “could cause more and more damage and confusion in the real world.”

“If we fall into a war, a true shootout with a great power, it will result in cyber infringement,” he said in the Director of National Intelligence of the State, which oversees 18 US intelligence agencies.

Many recent hacks have uncovered the range of US cyber vulnerabilities, from widespread espionage attacks on government centers to critical ransomware attacks. Oil pipeline When Meat packaging Plants to stop.

The Biden administration has accused Russian and Chinese governments, or hackers based in both countries, of several attacks. U.S. officials have warned that the government will respond with a “combination of visible and invisible tools,” but cyber breaches continue.

He did not say who such a war could fight, but Biden immediately confirmed the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who made a mistake before Russia’s 2022 US midterm elections. He claimed to have disseminated the information.

“It’s a pure breach of our sovereignty,” he said.

“Mr. Putin … I really have a problem. He sits on an economy that has only nuclear weapons and wells. There is nothing else,” Biden said. “He knows he’s really in trouble, so he’s even more dangerous.”

During ~ June summit In Geneva, Biden personally warned Putin that if a Russian state or Russian hacker targets major US infrastructure, the US will “respond with cyber.”

The banned infrastructure sector spans energy, health, IT, and commercial facilities. All of these are said to have been the target of Russian hackers since the 2020 US presidential election. Others include transportation, financial services and chemicals.

Biden also, Xi Jinping Jintao of China China By the 2040s, it had become the most powerful military force in the world, the largest and most prominent economy.

“It’s real … This boy has a plan,” Biden said. [the situation].. ”

Biden emphasized that cyberattacks are only one aspect of accelerating the threats facing the United States, with more development in the next decade than in the last 50 years, putting a heavy burden on intelligence agencies. Said.

“It’s going to be really tough,” he said.

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Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a ‘real shooting war’ Source link Biden warns cyber attacks could lead to a ‘real shooting war’

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