Biden wants to go big on EV battery recycling, report says


The Biden administration wholeheartedly Electric car was suggested Infrastructure planning And other areas of government.But the president also said that the US supply chain Compete better with China’s dominance For battery assembly and resource refining.according to Reuters coverage Last Friday, Biden’s plan aims to boost battery recycling to draw a delicate line between environmental contributions and increased competitiveness.

Reuters has reported on various government reports submitted to the White House. 100 days review It brings together all of your important supply chains. This review is primarily aimed at addressing restrictions on the supply of semiconductor chips.Is Shortage of chips It continues to plague many industries, including the automotive industry. However, the review is EV supply chain And the government aims to position the United States to better compete with China’s ability to manufacture batteries and refine the materials needed to manufacture them.

The problem is that the mining and refining of rare earth minerals and other materials is not good for the environment. The administration wants to rely on its allies for materials, but the plan is reportedly aimed at making significant efforts to recycle batteries to fill the gap. EV batteries reach the end of their car life Then the idea is to disassemble and recycle the parts to make a new battery for a new car in the United States.

The report claims that a circulating supply of lithium would reduce the need to mine and refine new lithium to protect the environment. According to a government report, active programs allow recycling. May reduce the need for new raw materials such as copper (55%), lithium (25%), nickel and cobalt (35%). If not recycled, the United States could dump 8 million tonnes of battery scrap in landfills by 2040.

The White House didn’t ask for comment immediately, but Reuters reported that part of the plan could be announced this week.

Biden wants to go big on EV battery recycling, report says Source link Biden wants to go big on EV battery recycling, report says

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