Biden visits storm-damaged coastal town in California

CAPITLA, Calif. (AP) — President Joe Biden walked the cracked boardwalk in this postcard beach town on Tuesday to hear from business owners struggling to repair damage to their stores. deadly storm wreaked havoc It occurred region-wide and killed more than 20 people statewide.

Biden visited a razed seafood restaurant and a badly flooded Paradise Beach Grill not far from the collapsed Capitol Pier and the bright pink, orange and teal shops that were boarded up in the aftermath of the storm. I was. Walls crumbling, debris strewn everywhere, the floor was washed away by raging water.

Chuck Meyer, owner of Paradise Beach Grill, told Biden that water was gushing out of the floor, affecting his business in Monterey Bay.

“Sorry, we’re delaying your work,” he said to the on-site contractor.

Susan Walsh/AP

President Joe Biden, co-owner of Paradise Beach Grill, visits business owners and local residents Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023 in Capitola, Calif., to survey recovery efforts from a series of severe storms. Talk to a certain Chuck Meyer. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

The president will also be accompanied by Federal Emergency Management Commissioner Dean Criswell, Gov. Gavin Newsom, and other state and local officials to meet with first responders and help rebuild the state at nearby Seacliffe State Park. spoke about it.

Over 500 FEMA and other federal personnel have been deployed to California to support emergency operations. Thousands of bystanders gathered for the president’s visit and cheered him on.

From December 26 to January 17, California received an average of 11.47 inches of rain and snow statewide, according to the National Weather Service’s Center for Weather Prediction. Sierra Nevada.

Much of the rain and snow that falls in California in the winter comes from weather phenomena known as “air rivers.” This is a long, narrow band of water vapor that forms over the ocean and flows through the sky.

California has been hit by nine atmospheric rivers since late December. The storm has calmed down in the last few days. Forecasters had expected a dry season to continue over the weekend, followed by light rain.

Traveling from Washington on Thursday, Criswell said the president and staff should keep in mind what people have experienced when traveling to places devastated by storms and other natural disasters.

“There has been so much trauma in this community.It is very important to keep that in mind.These communities have lost their lives, their happiness and their livelihoods. I think it’s important for them to know that the president is here to support them and that the full force of the federal family is behind them.”

Biden has already approved the state’s major disaster declaration, freeing up additional federal resources for recovery efforts. Hours before his visit, he further increased the level of federal assistance available. Biden visits storm-damaged coastal town in California

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