Biden to announce $600 million climate change project during Palo Alto visit

President Joe Biden will announce a $600 million investment in projects aimed at combating climate change during his visit to Palo Alto on Monday.

State, local government, and environmental justice leaders will join the President to tour Palo Alto’s coastal wetlands, the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretation Center, and the Preserve, which play an important role in protecting coastal areas. Biden is expected to use the wetlands to underscore the urgency of climate action in coastal areas across the United States.

During his visit, Biden will also preview the administration’s latest actions to help communities adapt to climate change and increasingly extreme weather.

“This funding will support innovative coastal resilience that protects communities and ecosystems from rising sea levels and storm surge flood hurricanes, including building natural infrastructure, planning and preparing community-led resettlements, and protecting public access to coastal natural resources. and support adaptation solutions for severe climate impacts such as storm surges,” the government said in a statement.

Over the past month, millions of Americans have faced the effects of wildfire smoke and record heat waves, likely exacerbated by climate change. In the Bay Area, coastal communities face serious challenges from climate change-related issues such as rising sea levels, storm surges and storm surges.

Biden is expected to discuss the administration’s efforts to address these issues, including creating clean energy jobs, building resilience to climate change and investing to better protect the nation’s power grid from extreme weather.

The agenda is part of what Biden’s team calls “the most ambitious climate change agenda in American history.” Biden to announce $600 million climate change project during Palo Alto visit

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