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President Joe Biden said Thursday that he signed a bill to establish a new federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery and believes that slavery will fall as one of the president’s greatest honors.

Biden has signed a bill that makes June 16th or June 19th the 12th federal holiday. The House of Representatives voted 415-14 to send the bill to Biden on Wednesday, but the Senate unanimously passed the bill the day before.

“This is a profound and powerful day, a day when slavery remembers the moral filth and terrible sacrifices that continue to attack the country,” Biden said.

Juneteenth commemorates June 19, 1865, When Union soldiers brought freedom news to a enslaved black man in Galveston, Texas — two months after the Confederates surrendered. It was also about two and a half years after the Emancipation Proclamation released slaves in the southern states.

This is the first new federal holiday since Martin Luther King Junior Day was founded in 1983.

The U.S. Human Resources Department, the federal human resources department, tweeted on Thursday that most federal officials will be observing June 16th, the new holiday of Friday, which is Saturday, June 19th.

Biden pointed out overwhelming support for the bill from lawmakers from both parties.

“I hope this is the beginning of a change in the way we deal with each other,” Biden said.

The White House moved immediately after discussing and voting on the bill.

“Our federal holidays are intentionally few and recognize the most important milestones, more important than the end of slavery in the United States,” said Carolyn Maloney (DN.Y). I can’t think of milestones. “

She said she was in Galveston on Saturday to celebrate with Texas Senator John Cornyn.

Professor Warney Reed explains the historic experience of March 1963 in Washington and why current social unrest makes June 16, 2020 different from recent memories.

“Can you imagine?” Jackson Lee said. “I’m probably standing taller than Senator Cornin, forgive me because it’s such an uplifting joy.”

The Senate passed the bill on Tuesday with unanimous consent to facilitate the process for reviewing the bill. Only one senator objection is needed to thwart such an agreement.

Voting is unprecedented, with legislators struggling to overcome the division of the police reform bill following police killing of George Floyd, and Republican state legislators restricting access to ballot boxes. It is done when pushing forward what experts say is a number bill. Republicans say their goal is to prevent voter fraud, but Democrats argue that the measure is aimed at weakening the voting rights of minorities.

Some members of Congressional black executives went to bed to speak in favor of the bill. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (DN.J.) said Juneteenth was considered a memorial rather than a celebration because it represented something that was delayed.

“It also reminds us of what we don’t have today, and it’s full access to justice, freedom and equality. All of these are often lacking because they relate to the black community. “

This bill is D-Mass. It was sponsored by Senator Edward Markey of the United States and had 60 co-sponsors. After a parliamentary vote the day before, Democratic leaders swiftly moved to bring the bill to the House floor.

Some Republicans opposed the effort. Republican Rep. Matt Rosendale said creating federal holidays is an effort to celebrate “identity politics.”

“I believe in treating everyone equally, regardless of race, and we should focus on uniting us, not our differences, so I I will vote against it, “he said in a press release.

Professor Soika Colbert of Georgetown explains that Juneteenth and other milestones in African-American history have not been well studied at school.

Most states recognize Juneteenth as a holiday or perform official ceremonies of the day, and most states hold holidays. Juneteenth is a paid vacation for state employees in Texas, New York, Virginia, and Washington.

Republican Rep. Clay Higgins voted for the bill and said he would support the establishment of a federal holiday, but was angry that the name of the holiday contained the word “independence” instead of “liberation.”

“Why does the Democratic Party want to politicize this by adopting the name of our Independence Day sacred holiday?” Higgins asked.

Democrat Brenda Lawrence said, “I would like to say to a white colleague on the other side. Getting your independence from being enslaved in one country is not the same as getting independence to control your own country.” I answered.

“We have a responsibility to teach black and white Americans of all ages the pride of those who survived, endured, and succeeded in these United States despite slavery,” she added. It was.

The 14 Republicans who voted against the bill were Andy Bigx, Arizona, Mobrooks, Alabama, Andrew Clyde, Georgia, Scott Dejare, Tennessee, Paul Gosar, Arizona, and Ronnie Jackson, Texas. I’m Thomas Massy from Dagra Malfa, California and Thomas Massy, ​​Kentucky. Tom McClintock of California, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Mike Rogers of Alabama, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Chip Roy of Texas, Tom Tiffany of Wisconsin.

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