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Many of the past atrocities can highlight the history of American hatred.

Today, we were able to capture that hatred through at least some of the lenses of more than 74 million people voting for President Donald Trump.

Trump is often said to have a policy of separating racist, expulsionist, and immigrant children from their parents and caged along the southern border of the United States. Perhaps embodies many of America’s qualities, including many major companies and: Door Neighbors — Protested when they stood with Black Lives Matter demonstrators.

Still, he won the second highest vote among presidential candidates in history.

Even today, Trump and his campaign have specifically called on authorities to throw away many of the votes that were legally cast in populous African-American cities such as Atlanta, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Ironically, their actions include depriving thousands of Republicans whose votes were submitted by means other than voting directly at polling stations.

In a particular example of the impact on the black vote, seeking a way to deny African-American voters is the constitutional right to let us know in the ballet box, since rebuilding, and rebuilding. A tactic that will be used later.

African Americans were not alone on the receiving side of the history of hatred-led behavior in our country.

Sarah Silky, a professor of history at Lycoming College in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, said, “The past 200 years of US history has had a great deal of difficulty defining who can enjoy the rights and privileges of full citizenship. “.

“Each consecutive benefit from broadening the definition of American citizenship was immediately repulsed. To maintain Jim Crow’s isolation, convict leasing, red lining, drug warfare, and white supremacy. Other schemes created in have denied access to the full citizenship of Americans for generations, “Silky wrote in an email.

“By defining individual success only as a product of individual initiative and effort, the general myth of the American Dream is to strengthen white privileges, perpetuate harmful racial stereotypes, and establish inequality. It helped exempt white politicians from the responsibility of dismantling the system, “she added.

“The 2020 crisis has exposed widespread inequality in health, wealth, security, and political access to the wider cross section of the American people. The growing public awareness of systematic inequality is: The administration has created an opportunity to make meaningful changes, “Silky concludes.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Bidden Campaign)

When American families are preparing for another Thanksgiving, many have to think about what they should celebrate.

“The United States was built on a powerful myth of equal opportunity to pursue happiness and a city on a shining hill. The reality wasn’t that uplifting,” said Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia. Roy L. Steinheimer, Jr., Professor of Law, Nora V. Demleitner, said.

“Racism, the racial exclusion of immigrants, and the defamation of ethnic and religious groups have long been an integral part of US history,” Demleitner argued.

“Especially during the civil rights era, there have been major advances in the creation and enforcement of civil rights for all, but they are uneven, and the growing economic inequality and the impact of climate change are part of that progress. There is a risk of damaging. “

Racial and ethnic slander playbooks were never completely destroyed.

They are back, as seen in the demands of “law and order”, widespread oppression of minority voters, and reluctance to invest in infrastructure and education to support everything, Demlightner said. Suggested further.

Tim Powell, a master’s student in journalism at the University of Chicago, has abandoned American mythology that welcomes labeling as a melting pot of races.

“Think of the settlers as leaving England to rebel against religion. When they arrived here, we had some rebel colonies,” Powell relayed.

Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden and Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris Senate as fireworks go out in the background on the fourth day of the Democratic National Convention, Thursday, August 20th. Senator (D-Calif.) Raises his arm. , 2020, at Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. Jill Biden on the far left and Harris’ husband Daguemhof on the far right are watching. (AP Photo / Andrew Harnick)

“The government can only do so much to counter the essential disapproval of race by white male Americans. It is up to the next generation to decide to accept the difference.”

“The best government would be one that doesn’t cause division.

“See McCarthyism as an example of those who demand us to eliminate’communists’ from America. It wasn’t McCarthy himself, but the people who demanded it. Without a market, like Trump’s immorality, campaign leaders have no followers. “

The Fourteenth Amendment was intended to give slaves (slave only) equal protection of the law, Powell added.

However, in almost all relevant proceedings since 1860 (Plessy, San Mateo v. Southern Pacific, Citizens United, Hobby Lobby), blacks are rarely given modified protection, but others are considered businesses or “people.” It gives protection to the entity. “

“It’s not just the kids in the cage, as if it wasn’t bad enough,” said photographer Michael Freeby.

“ICE kidnaps fully law-abiding citizens at midnight, commits cruel and unethical acts without asking them for surgery, and causes disproportionate numbers of coronavirus deaths in ICE captivity. Don’t forget that. “

“As a Mexican living near the headquarters of ICE on the US-Mexico border, it sends chills especially to my spine,” Freeby opposed.

“When people are put in ICE captivity, they lose all rights. We are in the United States, and the premise is based on those who flee elsewhere and start anew and pursue their dreams. It is not correct to choose based on skin color. We are not animals – we are people. ”


Terrell L. Strayhorn, Provost and Senior Vice-President of Academic Affairs at Virginia Union University, Professor of Education and Director of the HBCU Research Center, is the only group of African Americans denied access to education. Said. law.

“No matter how unpleasant and unpopular it was to admit, it was once legal to punish or kill African Americans, but they couldn’t be educated,” Strayhorn submitted. ..

“Teaching blacks to read and write was prohibited by law. By 2020, there were more than 4,300 universities in the United States, with a total of more than 20 million college students enrolled, effectively 2 million. Are African-Americans, and the majority (two-thirds) are black women.

“And when African Americans enter college, about half report that they haven’t graduated, have a large educational debt, and are experiencing a hostile and unwelcome environment, primarily in white institutions. “

Strayhorn called on the upcoming Joe Biden / Kamala Harris administration to do everything possible to mitigate or eliminate these challenges.

“A new administration of individuals that reflects the diversity of its members can defend culturally relevant initiatives, create equity and promote racial healing,” Strayhorn suggests. Did.

As a black and Indian-American, Kamala Harris’ plans should include equality of black women in the workplace, said Dr. Carrie Yazed, editor of anthology, “Shutdown: Black Women, Racial. Discrimination, corporate America “.

“Malcolm X describes it best.” The most despised person in America is a black woman. The most vulnerable people in America are black women. This country does little to help the uplifting of black women, yet we are a country that constantly comes to rescue, “said Dr. Yazeed.

“Black women are often the lowest paid in American companies, but we often outperform our colleagues at work,” she continued.

“When companies talk about diversity and inclusion, black women are usually excluded from those conversations, which reflects our salary and how we are treated. Black women often have them. A company traumatized by enduring racial injustice has been forced to leave the United States and carry the pain for years. “

Actress and mental health advocate Samantina Zenon concludes that many whites remain isolated, seeing African Americans as maids or even slaves.

“History continues to rewrite itself. Blacks are consistently abused on all roads,” Zenon said.

“For real change to happen, the new administration needs to provide a platform that can be seen and heard by more blacks, not just black celebrities and politicians.

“Real people facing the daily challenges of becoming black in America. Part of the story of their campaign is that Donald Trump splits the country and turns white supremacists into racists. Gave a platform to become, and they want to bring us back together. That’s true, but the new administration is to make blacks appear in polls and racism again wrong. Must be responsible for making these changes. “

From left, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ husbands Doug Emhoff, Harris, President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill Biden join together on Saturday, November 7, 2020 in Wilmington, Delaware. Stand on stage (AP Photo / Andrew Harnik, pool)

Biden-Harris Administration Tasked with Dismantling America’s History of Hate – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Biden-Harris Administration Tasked with Dismantling America’s History of Hate – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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