Biden doing more harm to renewables than Trump, says solar boss

America’s largest solar farm builder has accused Joe Biden of doing more damage to the sector than the Trump administration with a “dysfunctional” climate policy.

Said George Hershman, CEO of Solv Energy examination Launched this week by the U.S. Department of Commerce to examine whether solar groups are avoiding import tariffs that threaten to put breaks into new projects and degrade the president’s climate agenda.

“The Biden administration, and especially this trade [department’s] Decision, has caused more damage to renewable energy than the previous administration, “said Hershman, whose company is the leading installer of large solar projects, or” scale services, “in the United States.

“At least we knew where this administration was [Trump] Stood. “This administration says every day how much they support renewable energy, but then actively make decisions in the opposition.”

His comments come after the Department of Commerce agreed on Tuesday to investigate whether solar panel manufacturers are bypassing tariffs on Chinese imports by moving the final stages of the manufacturing process to Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Analysts estimate that about three-quarters of U.S. solar product imports come from these four states.

If the investigation reveals that the practices add up indirectly, ten-year tariffs on Chinese imports will be extended to these countries, increasing costs by 50 to 250 percent. A final decision is expected early next year, but rates will apply retroactively from April. Solar groups said the launch of the lander alone “cooled” the market, with manufacturers reluctant to ship parts that could later be damaged by customs.

The case highlights tension between the Biden administration’s climate and industry priorities. On the one hand the White House wants to drive rapid construction from clean energy infrastructure, but on the other hand wants to protect local production and employment.

“It’s a little dysfunctional, it’s a little schizophrenic,” Hershman said.

His remarks resonate with those of marine spirit developers, since Expressed concern Because forcing the industry to “buy American” before a fully developed local supply chain will stop it.

Biden acted on an ambitious climate agenda, but the legislation that would have implemented the rifle failed to pass congressional recruitment. The bill included unprecedented tax incentives for renewable developers and manufacturers.

“We will build production in the US if we pass this bill, no doubt. But we are not going to push the large capacity out for two years, “Hershman said.” Right now we need to use the existing global supply chain and then start the transition to the US supply chain. “

However, Auxin rejected this on the grounds that the US could increase the supply of domestic parts.

“Those companies that say there are not enough local supplies are not even trying to purchase from local sources,” said Maamon Rashid, CEO of Auxin.

“We have capacity available and with enough purchase orders, we can increase quickly. But we need a fair price that will allow us to cover our costs and pay our employees a fair wage.”

Biden doing more harm to renewables than Trump, says solar boss Source link Biden doing more harm to renewables than Trump, says solar boss

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