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Although my time here at the San Marcos Daily Record was not very long, I feel like I am here forever and I mean it in the best possible way. Having the opportunity to work as a reporter for this publication was an experience I will never really forget.

First and foremost, I have to thank the Daily Record leadership for giving this young kid the opportunity to start his career. Leaving college and moving to a brand new city is quite scary and I will be forever grateful for the Daily Record family who made me feel so welcome and helped me along the way. I’m grateful for the friends I had the pleasure of doing while working here and all over San Marcos.

I also want to thank the community and all the sources I had the pleasure of talking to for allowing me to tell their stories and mention the topics that interest them most. Learning about San Marcos and what makes it unique is something I have found to be rewarding in many ways.

From the morning sittings of the Court of Commissioners to the evening sittings of the City Council and all the intermediate press conferences and community events, my time at this news organization is something I will always be grateful for the development I have experienced and the knowledge which I acquired while working as a reporter.

Local journalism is important, and the Daily Record’s small staff is working extremely hard to keep San Marcos and Hays County residents up to date. Feature stories, sports reporting, advertising, design and business along with circulation and production are what keep this publication.

Each section of the San Marcos Daily Record always does its best to inform the community as accurately and effectively as possible. I encourage the community to continue to support the Daily Record and to continue sending news tips and sharing your wonderful, exciting stories.

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Bidding farewell | San Marcos Record Source link Bidding farewell | San Marcos Record

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